I should’ve known today was going to be bad. I really hate driving. To the point where I’d rather ride a bike the fifty miles back and forth from my moms to my dads. My dad drove my car up to get me, so I had to drive back down to his house. On the way I cut off some lady. I thought I had plenty of room but after I changed lanes my dad commented on how it was good that I just went right in front of the other car even though she wouldn’t let me in. I felt like such an ass.

Then once we were near home, I turned at the worn time and almost caused an accident. And THEN we were going to my grandparents and a bunny shot out in front of me. It was clear I was going to run it over if I didn’t slam on my brakes, and after watching my cat get hit, I wasn’t about to have a dead rabbit on my conscience. So I freaked out, gasped, put my hand up to my lips, and slammed on the breaks. Luckily no one was behind me so I didn’t cause a collision. I about gave my dad a heart attack (as well as my sister) but I didn’t feel bad about hitting the rabbit so my conscience was clear. It was funny though because after each thing happened I wondered how I was going to blog about it. That’s when you KNOW you’re addicted.

Ok, I’m flippin tired so I’m going to bed. I didn’t get to nap today (plus all the drama on the road), so I’m super exhausted. Night.

Oh and I didn’t apologize to my teacher today because it was a late start and if I had apologized it would’ve looked like I was sucking up to her after she was gone. Which will NOT happen no matter what my mom threatens.