Today was actually kind of fun. I did write a not so nice poem about my day during first, but it wasn’t too bad. Here’s what I got (but I didn’t bother finishing it once I got to Spanish). “This guy is such a bore; all I want to do is snore. Going to Spanish next, probably going to read the text. Wondering why I go here, hoping the end is near. After Spanish we’ve got science, go there without defiance. Next we’ve got history, that class is such a mystery. Lunch comes after, it’s full of laughter. Then comes-” and that’s all I’ve got. I thought it was pretty good considering I was half dead anyway, haha.

Spanish was whatever. My friend and I walked in to class, and my teacher said “I wish I could retire.” My friend said “me too,” meaning she wanted to retire also. My teacher took it as my friend wanting her to retire so she went on and on about how her class is an elective and if we didn’t want to take it then we could “elect ourselves out”. And at then end of her rant my friend was like, “um… I meant I wanted to retire too.” I was dying. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, except for Language Arts. We’re reading The Good Earth at the moment, which revolves around a man in China about a hundred years ago.

My teacher (Ms. G) separated the class into two sides, boys on one and girls on the other. Our class is predominantly female, and there were several guys out today, so it was basically six guys against about 15 girls. I hate when teachers separate us out by gender. The whole time all the girls were like, “why aren’t you over here with us Willow?” and the guys had to start cencering how they were talking because they always call each other fags. One actually cut himself off in the middle of the word because I was sitting right next to him, and then his friend started teasing him for almost saying the word. It was actually nice of the guy to cut himself off, but I really wanted to just smack his friend. Anyway, she separated us out so we could have a debate. We had to pick a representative from our group (can you guess who was chozen in my group?) and then the two representatives were supposed to go up in front of the class and debate. The guys had to argue the Equality side of things, and the girls had to argue Inequality. The girls group was also supposed to be the main characters wife (who was a slave at one point and still pretty much is) and the guys had to be the main character who had all the power in the house.

Out of the seven of us guys, only three of us had read. I was among the three, but I skipped several chapters and only skimmed the others before class. That in mind, I was the only one who was able to come up with anything to say about it while we were discussing in our groups. So naturally, I was the one to go up and talk. I made 95% of what I used in my argument up on the spot, and argued the case entirely on my own. It was really fun though, and I’m glad I did it by myself. We got to a point where we talked about slavery and I said “so you’re telling me that you want to do all the house work, raise the kids, and do all the farming, but still be of lower status?” and she said “yes, I’d actually really liked to be a slave.” We both started laughing and I was like “that makes no sense” (as a side not between the two of us because the rest of the class was laughing too much to hear). And then I said “so you want to be a slave, where you could be beaten and raped and have no say in anything, even though you do more work than the main character?” and she replied “yes, it sounds like a lot of fun.” By that time our debate was pretty much shot to hell and it was almost over anyway so we just sort of stood up there laughing at each other’s arguments. It was really fun; I like debates.

I left sixth period early for a dentist appointment (a really one not a fake one, haha) and then came home and repotted this aloe. It surprises me that its stem is so weak, considering it’s got some nasty spines on it. I was scratching myself up like crazy while trying to repot it. I didn’t draw blood but by the end of the process I was ready to chop the thing in half. Hopefully the aloe does alright; it’s got three starts sprouting from it, which I planted in the same pot, so I might have four of these things pretty soon. I’m surprised how much liquid the leaves hold. I accidentally broke off a few, and used the juices as a salve for my burn. I only had to squeeze a little and ton of liquid came out. The leaves are really broad and thick on this one too, so it holds a bit more water (and is more draught tolerant) than my aloe vera.

And I only have one picture for you today, but it’s something new so hopefully you aren’t too disappointed.

This is a ground cover (the name of which I don’t remember) that has very pretty chocolate brown leaves that are stripped like a zebra. The new leaves are green, and then turn brown as they age. It’s really pretty, and should spread quickly in it’s current location. I didn’t know it bloomed, but today I found some lovely little white flowers on it. I’m excited for it to spread; the more area it takes up, the less I have to weed. I’ve planted several ground covers up on the hillside along the pathways. They haven’t grown much yet, but once they do, I won’t have to hardly weed anything. We have too much open dirt at the moment, so the weeds are spreading like… weeds. haha.

Oh and Alice in Wonderlands Golden Afternoon is the latest song to stick in my head. I’d really like to have a white rose like the one in the movie haha. Do you think they sell any singing roses?I often quote this, saying “you can learn a lot of things from the flowers” while walking around the yard with my mom. So imagine how she’ll feel once I’m able to sing the entire song by heart! Lol.