Ok I know I keep talking about how old I feel and all, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still 16. These damn annoying hormones get me into all kinds of trouble. Today I was so irritated in Spanish I actually told my teacher off. To the point where one of my friends had to tell me to stop because my Spanish teacher and I were close to yelling at each other. I guess we had started to raise our voices, but I didn’t realize that until someone told me during sixth. I don’t feel bad about telling her off (everything I said was honest and true) but maybe I should. If I have the time I’d like to go in and talk to her in the morning. She told me (while we were arguing) that she was going to be the only second year Spanish teacher, so I HAD to be in her class next year. So I’d rather not have to be a bitch to her all of next year, even though it’d be hella fun.

She has about two people in three of her classes that she absolutely cannot stand (five in my class [plus other people that will be in her classes next year]). Added together that’s about 9 people, all of whom (is whom used correctly there?) are my friends. If she’s the only second year teacher next year, there’s no way some of us won’t have a class together. And if we do, believe me I’ll be getting in some trouble. It’ll be so much fun though, because most of those people will be glad to disrupt class with me, so I’ll be able to carry on a conversation with them, even if she puts them on the other side of the room. Hahahaha, I actually can’t wait until next year. I just hope I get F and L in my class, because we WILL be mega bitches together. I hope my Spanish teacher realizes what she’s gotten herself into, haha.

*sigh* I feel a little bad doing all this plotting. I don’t want to have to go to school everyday and be rude to a teacher. I may not like her, but I still believe in respecting educators. It’s just that this lady- Let’s just say she’s as big a drama queen as I am, and that a lot of her arguments don’t make sense when you consider my arguments. For instance, my grades have been getting consistently worse as I’ve moved forward and away from my friends in the class. When I sat next to my friends, I wasn’t talking or being disruptive, I did my work and actually focused part of the time because I was ENGAGED in something. But when I’m up in the front of the class and I have no one to talk to, I don’t engage. I space out and stop paying attention because my teacher is boring and really doesn’t seem to care.

She treats me like I’m stupid; whenever I do the homework she says “oh it must’ve been easy” because I completed it. Yeah, that’s real polite. I’m not kidding you, one of the guys in the class literally got up and laid down in the back of the room and fell asleep, and she didn’t bother to wake him up until half the class period had gone by. And it’s not ok for me to sit with my friends? Hmm… who do you think will get more work done and be less distracting, the person who’s sleeping on the floor in the back of the room, or the one who actually wants to learn and be productive in class? I have good grades in all of my other classes, and I sit by my friends in all of them. I work best with others; it’s how I’ve always been. Ask my other teachers, they’ll tell you! I’ve had meetings with my teachers about it, because they try to separate me out and then my grades start to suffer.

I plan to explain all of this to her tomorrow, before school, and hopefully the next seating chart will have me in a different place. If not, she’s really going to hate these last two months of school. I’m seriously prepared to come to class everyday and bitch and moan and tell her how much I can’t stand being there. She says she doesn’t care, so it shouldn’t matter if I continue to do so. Did I ever tell you about the time my mom took me and my sister (and her boyfriend at the time [who I absolutely hated]) to a party? I thought it would be fun but I quickly realized it wasn’t. So I asked to go home. My mom ignored me (I was probably 10 at the time) so I continued asking her- for two hours. “Mom, can we go home right now?” over and over and over again. I asked until my uncle had finally had enough and called me an ass. I started crying and five minutes later we went home. I’m an annoying bitch, and I’ve got stamina for these kinds of things.

Anyway, on a happier note, I baked some cookies tonight. Why is it I’m so bad at baking?


I put ALL the ingredients in; I triple checked to make sure I did it right, but the cookies still ended up being flat. Plus, I managed to leave them in for a little too long each time, so they ended up a little crisp. *shrugs* I’m not a baker, I’m a farmer.

While I was waiting for the cookies, I did a bit of laundry also. It amazes me how un 16-year-old-boy I am at times. What guy do you know spends his week nights knitting and baking cookies and watching Will and Grace and Glee? *waits a few seconds* Yeah, I’m the only one you can think of aren’t I?

Oh and one of our iris opened up yesterday, but I couldn’t get a picture until today. So here it is.

We have A LOT of iris. I feel like they’re all behind though, most everyone else’s are already blooming by now. Hopefully they bloom until the end of the summer though, we have enough to easily cover the entire spring-summer season if they’re timed right.