And now for todays events. Our beds came today. I can’t believe how big mine is. I’ve spent my entire life (not very long, but still) sleeping on a twin mattress, and now all of the sudden I’ve got something more than twice the size in its place. I can’t wait to sleep on it. The sheets I bought are super comfy, and the mattress its self is terribly comfortable. I’m going to try and type this quickly so I can go to sleep, haha. I had to move half my room around, and lost a ton of space, in order to make this bed fit. We had to lift it up over my couch to get it in place. And we did that after a long day and dinner with our neighbor.

J invited us over for some Mother’s Day steaks. They were REALLY good; I could actually eat another one to be quite honest. She was so funny today. She saw me outside and immediately called me over. One of her dogs had managed to kill a rat, and it was lying in her flower bed. So she wanted me to come over, not to clean it up, but for moral support. I guess she has a hyper active gag reflex, so it was hilarious watching her try and scoop the rat up with a shovel. I was laughing at her the entire time. Finally she got it up on the shovel, and then into the plastic bag, but of course she had a hard time picking the bag up. And then we talked about how her dog had slept with her last night, and how that rat must’ve been out there since yesterday. Hahaha, I couldn’t stop laughing at her.

After that I went over to F and S’s house to ask F to set some of his traps tonight. I may have two rat dogs and a bird dog, but that doesn’t mean I want to be scoopin’ up dead rats in my yard. I chatted with them for awhile, talking about I don’t know what, and then went back home. It was such a beautiful day out, I feel bad I didn’t do any yard work. I think I planted maybe one thing, and I don’t think I pulled any weeds at all. I feel sort of bad. But it was so hot that the dogs were seeking out shade underneath anything. Sam was laying under one of our saddest roses, which barely has any leaves on it. We really need to get some more shade in our yard. Right now it’s in full sun all day, and even with the steady breeze it gets hot.

After visiting with F and S, I went back around and was then invited to J’s for dinner. Sorry, that was kind of a confusing loop. Let’s just say I spent a fair amount of my day walking back and forth between my neighbor’s houses. Anyway, after dinner over at J’s (we were in absolute hysterics the whole time) we came home and set my bed up. At the very end of the dinner though, J got up to start picking up the dishes and then all of the sudden drops everything and starts running to the house saying “I gotta pee”. Then she stopped in the door way and said she was going to pee her pants. We hadn’t even been laughing at the time or anything; she just had to go all of the sudden. I couldn’t help laughing at her. She didn’t pee herself, she just stood there doubled over for a bit, and then after regaining complete control of her bladder made a dash for the bathroom. She’s younger than my mom is, and she said “sorry, that’s what happens when you’re old”. I should tell S that tomorrow, she’s definitely in her 60’s (maybe older).

Anyway though, we got my bed upstairs. Right now it’s just the box springs and the mattress sitting on the floor (since I didn’t like any of the frames we saw). My sister’s frame took all day to assemble. I’m so glad I didn’t have to help with that. Here are the last pictures of my room as it was before I got my new bed. Tell me though, can you spot the dog in this one? 

What about in this one? (it’s a different dog this time).

I’ll post the updated version tomorrow once I get all my sheets washed and the duvet cover dried.

And to all the mothers who spend time away from their families to read about my day, happy Mother’s Day.