A quick over view of my day because I’m too tired to give you a full report.

My Spanish teacher does things specifically to piss me off. She honestly tries to ruin my day. I’m done being nice about it. She’s gonna be gettin’ a piece of my mind sometime soon.

I really liked the newspaper once I finally got to read it.

I learned a lot in Biology today. Did you know monkeys masturbate with one another as a form of stress relief? If two monkeys are mad at one another they go and masturbate to diffuse the situation.

The party in LA was fun. We watched Madagascar 2.

After school I went to see the play for a second time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I stand by my official review of it. I’m also still seriously considering being a part of the play’s next year. I guess the drama class and the plays are two completely different things, so I wouldn’t have to take drama to be a stage hand. Plus it counts as an extra curricular activity, which I really could use a lot of.

Now I’m going to go to bed because I’m super exhausted and ready to be asleep. I’ll try to reply to as many of your comments (if there are any) as I can and hopefully I can read through some of your posts.

Also, I’m going to get my hair cut tomorrow. Finally.