It’s just gonna be a short meaningless post for today unfortunately. Which really is a shame because I managed to get over 70 views somehow today. Makes no sense considering the last week and a half I’ve been getting about 25 views a day. Whatever, I’m not complaining lol.

Anyway, I finished my article for Journalism and I’m SUPER excited to see it in the paper tomorrow. I spent over five hours working on that damn page. Annoyingly enough, nothing I did looked good. In fact, the page that went to the printer today, wasn’t really even mine; my friend who took all the pictures for it finished it. She re worked the entire thing and made it look amazing. So really I didn’t do anything. Which is seriously going to kill my mood because I actually felt like I did something in that class. Oh well, I’m still looking forward to what people have to say about it tomorrow. It’s a topic that’s guaranteed to be read. A review about the high school play? I know for sure that the drama kids will read it at least. I totally plan on giving all the credit to my friend who made the page though. The story would be worthless if the page looked like crap.

We didn’t have a party today like we had hoped. My Spanish teacher was conveniently absent today, so we got to watch a video and had a sub. It was really annoying actually because it would’ve been perfect for having a party. But people forgot their food, so I didn’t bring my chips either. We’re going to try for tomorrow though, which will really piss my Spanish teacher off, haha. I guess she hates her sixth period class too though, so I don’t feel so bad being a bitch to her. She needs to take a serious chill pill and lighten up. If you don’t like how teenagers behave, you probably shouldn’t work with them for a living. Just sayin.

This is turning out to be much longer than I expected. I figured I’d just tell you about my article and be done for the night, but today wasn’t as bad as I thought. It doesn’t matter though, I’m too tired (and I even managed a three hour nap today) to bother writing anything else. So you get off with some light reading today, lol.