I finally made it over 8,000 views today! I’d been expecting to fly past it days ago, but my readership has reduced greatly for some reason. That’s the trouble with having a small reader base, you may be close to all of them, but if two or more are gone for a few days, you can forget about having good page views. Anyway, I plan to be bringing some food into class tomorrow for cinco de mayo. My Spanish teacher felt like we (the class) were “attacking” her today because we all said that we should have a party. She won’t allow it, so me being who I am decided to have one anyway. I’ve got the chips on my dinning room table. My friend (one of the best people in the class) had her mom make some bean dip, so no matter what we’ll be eating tomorrow. Of course, I’m already prepared for getting in trouble. If she tries to write me a detention or whatever, I’m just going to say that the food is for third period, not second. Which is true in a sense, I’ll be eating in third no matter what.

Anyway, the rest of my day was boring. I’m supposed to be finishing my LA essay, which I still need another three quotes and two body paragraphs for, but whatever. I also need to seriously work on my Journalism article (which a huge number of people will read because it’s about the school play) but I can’t really say much else. I liked the play, it was funny, what else can I say? I dunno, but I’ll have to BS it as much as I can tomorrow, because it’s due at the end of the period. Oh well, I’m not worried haha. We found out today that my Journalism teacher is leaving. He’s taught at my school for six years, and all of the kids in my class love him, but he’s decided to move back east to have a family and be close to his parents and the like. *shrugs* I didn’t really get to know him too much, and I’m not going to be in Journalism next year (I hate that class) so it doesn’t matter too much to me.

Now that I’ve rambled enough, here’s a picture of my yard again! You guys must be getting tired of these by now. Sorry! But this one’s of Sam, so I think you might let it slide.


 I was walking around the yard, per usual, when I turn and look and see Sam lying like this in the middle of the yard. He wasn’t rolling in anything; he just wanted to warm his belly I guess. It was really chilly and breezy out though, so I don’t know how warm he actually got. I had to rub his tummy though; he was too cute to pass by. What do you think? Can you forgive me for posting that?

Anyway, once my mom got home (she went to a counseling thing tonight, since my sister refuses to go) we went to a few places to look at sheets for our new beds. I don’t know when we’ll be getting them exactly, but hopefully by the end of the week. I’m so tired of sleeping on my bed. I wake up every morning with an aching back. It hurts to take a deep breath when I wake up. Blah blah blah. While we were out J called me. She’s officially asked me to dog sit for her. Once I got home I went over and talked about things a bit more officially. I’m to get paid five bucks every time I let the dogs out. I wasn’t sure how much to charge, but I didn’t want it to be too much and yet not enough.

She was going to hire a professional, who would cost a fortune, so I feel like five bucks won’t be a huge investment for her. Unfortunately our little business meeting ran into Glee time, so I had to watch the first few minutes at her house. She had invited my mother and I over to watch while we were out, but I’m so glad I didn’t stay for the whole show. She kept talking and talking throughout the first few minutes, and it was kind of annoying. Don’t interrupt my Glee! Her dogs are especially vicious. I hadn’t realized how bad they were before tonight. They got into a fight the second I walked in. I tripped over them because one attacked the other. The got into about three fights while I was there, and during the last one they drew blood on one another. It took J and I to pull them apart. So being by myself with them and having to take care of them should be fun. Of course, I’ll probably end up having a smack down, but whatever.

Ok I’m super tired and I’m not going to get anything more done, so I’m going to bed. Good night! Or rather, Good day! Since none of you will read this until tomorrow.