We’ll just skim over the six wasted hours of my day (the time I was at school) and skip straight to the reason I’m still alive. My yard. Dun dunna Na! Things in bloom!

I know, it’s just another rody. But it’s so pretty. This one seems to glow because how pale the flowers are. Here, take a look at what I mean.

*shrugs* I like it, and its more food for the bee’s so I’m happy. We still have no bee’s around. We have managed to attract a female hummingbird though. I don’t know where her nest is, but she sits on the same rody and bit of fencing almost everyday. And she’ll go and harass any birds that land in the yard. It’s really kind of funny to watch. She even got down right in Sam’s face the other day. I really like her, and put a few feeders up, but for some reason they’re leaking so I need to get some more from the store. Anyway, have a look at these mushrooms.


They’re really big and really pretty so I’m just going to leave them in there. I’ve come to appreciate mushrooms a bit more because of that class last Thursday. I knew that fungus was a great at breaking things down, I just didn’t realize how well they functioned. They spread the nutrients that they create horizontally through they soil (along their underground systems) which greatly benefits plants. So I’m going to leave these in the strawberries and hopefully have a sweeter crop because of it.

Speaking of crop, I didn’t have time to start my beans today. We had a guy come over to give us an estimate on the windows, but instead he sat and talked for over two hours about why his company’s windows were the best and then brought in a huge suitcase full of bits and pieces of window parts (as well as a whole window). He never actually gave us a really estimate. He just said it would be anywhere from 8-10k. PLUS, he didn’t even leave a business card. And yet he expects us to call him back to order windows from him. He was more boring than my Spanish teacher. He took up my whole flippin afternoon, so I was really getting irritated by the end of things.

We meant to go look at beds (because I’ve had mine for 10 years [my mom actually clearified that this evening]) and have dinner with my aunt, but because he took so long we had to rush through our bed selection. We found some really nice mattresses though, and they were super cheap. They felt like they were Temperpedic, but they’re made locally so they’re about $300 cheaper than even regular mattresses. My sister and both got queen sized matresses, which I’m really excited about. I finally get to sleep on a bed that’s bigger than me! I don’t know when it’ll be here exactly, but I can’t wait for it to get here!