Sorry I’m writing this so unbelievably late, my day seems to’ve gotten away from me. I spent most of the day looking at bed sets, because I desperately need a new one. I’ve had the same bed set (and mattress) for the past 8 years, and it was a used mattress when I got it, so I really need a new one. The trouble with all the newer frames is that none of them have decent headboards. If I’m going to have a headboard, I want it to be useful. So I either get a useful headboard, no headboard at all, or a four poster set. I’ve always wanted one of those, and my room is so bright that having something extra to block out the light while I’m trying to sleep would be really helpful. Plus they look fun.

I forgot to mention at the end of yesterdays post that I rearranged my room. I’ll try to take a picture tomorrow, but I really like this set up a lot better. It sperates my room into two sections, the bedroom (where my dresser, closet, armoire, bed, and computer are) and then the other half which has the couch and all my bookshelves and the TV. I moved the couch so that it functions as a divider also. It makes my room look and feel a LOT bigger, and I haven’t stubbed my toe once on the couch (which I used to do all the time before the rearrangements). Anyway; I now have room for a chair and another end-table. I’d also like a real coffee table (right now I’m using an old toy chest) because all of the surface area in my room is occupied by plants, and I like to throw my crap everywhere. So I need more room for my crap basically, lol.

Tomorrow we plan on going up north to see my grandfather. We’re also going to “transplant” (as I like to call it) a huckleberry bush from the woods to our house. I love huckleberries and we have a perfect spot under the cherry blossom for one. I’m hoping to get a few other little things from the forest, but we’ll see what I can get. I did a bit of research and found that huckleberries are hard to move because of their root structures. I already knew they were hard to move, I just never knew why. Apparently they have a rhizome root structure, which means it’s a little bit weaker and more spread out, i.e. very bad for transplanting. Pitcher plants have the same root structure. Anyway, I’m going to try my best to keep the huckleberry alive; it will certainly be a test of my abilities.

And to finish this short post, I’d like to tell you about Buttercup. We got all of the dogs chew bones today. As you know Buttercup is very territorial. If she wants it, it’s hers. She was growling unnecessarily at Kira while hiding under my couch tonight, so I got down to her level and pushed her head so she wasn’t looking at Kira anymore. She was fine for a second, and then growled again. This time a bit more pointedly at me. So I grabbed her throat (much like a dog would bite it) and sunk my fingers down like they were teeth. She stopped growling (and usually doing that is enough to end further dispute between us) but tonight she decided to push it. She continued to growl. So I shoved her further away from Kira and put a little more pressure on her neck. She quieted down for a second, just long enough for me to pull my hand away, and then she growled again, this time showing her teeth.

So I went to grab her neck again and she snarled at my hand and attempted to bite me. This shocked me (she’s never done that before) but didn’t hurt. It was just odd to have a snarling dog bite my hand. It also pissed me off. So I reached forward again, and she attacked my hand more aggressively than the second time, but instead of pulling away, I went straight for her throat. I then proceeded to rip her out from underneath the couch by the back of her neck. She wasn’t too happy about that. But that wasn’t enough to amend the offence she had committed, so her behind got several good swats. My mom said she heard her whimpering from outside. It may sound really mean, but she’s been misbehaving like this for way too long now, and she’s been getting progressively worse. The fact that she attacked my hand was completely unacceptable, and even though I punished her severely it probably didn’t make a difference. Just know that next time she will be taking flying lessons. And I do mean that.