I can’t believe how much I ate today. Usually I don’t eat until about 10 and then I don’t eat again until I get home at 2:30. Today I ate a breakfast sandwich at 8:30, while enjoying a chai tea, ate again at 10:30 and then again at 1:30. It was someone’s birthday so they brought in SUPER good cake (with delicious filling) and some root beer, which was as good as the cake. Plus I had to stay for work night for journalism, so I got to eat pizza and drink coke at three. I’ve never consumed so much during a school day. And oddly enough, I don’t have to pee as much as I normally do. Usually when I get home I have to GO, and then I’m fine for another two or three hours again before I have to seriously GO. I don’t even drink water, so I don’t know why it is that I have so much fluid.

Moving on from bowel movements… my day was boring and hellish because of my ailments. My head was pulsing all day, it felt like you could’ve poked it and it would’ve exploded. My nose was running during most of first and second, so those two things combined with nausea, made me a mega bitch. I HATE my Spanish class. The teacher doesn’t teach us, she just gives us a list of vocab. words (to copy from a textbook) and then tells us to study everynight. Do you think I study? Hahaha, nope. But I get A’s on all of my homework assignments. I just can’t get higher than a C because I fail all the tests. Because I don’t learn; because my “teacher” doesn’t teach. Not to mention she manages to make Spanish SO boring that the energy is literally sucked out of the room. I told her that, and she said I was being a drama queen. “I may be a drama queen but at least I’m honest.” Everyone else in the class (even the one’s who are passing) can’t stand it, and all say so. I’m just one of the few who say it to the teachers face.

I think teachers shouldn’t be allowed to give text book work (unless it’s an alternative assignment for a student who missed a day). If I wanted to sit and read a text book all day, I’d be homeschooled and wouldn’t bother getting dressed. But instead I wake up at 5:30 in the morning everyday so I can go sit in a class room. To the teachers out there: don’t waste our time with text book work that doesn’t teach us anything, and then expect us to know the whole unit. You KNOW that’s not how learning works, so I don’t know why you think it’s an acceptable form of teaching. Teachers who rely on the textbooks excessively to do the teaching for them are weak teachers who are too lazy to actually make a lesson plan and teach their students. Believe me, I speak from experience.

I mean, if you went to college for 4+ years, you should be able to come up with SOMETHING better than “alright class, turn to page 394 and begin reading. Then when you’re done, fill out this crossword. After you’ve finished that please sit quietly.” Teachers drive me insane. There are a few good ones, but most of them SUCK. At least all the teachers I get. Anyway, now that I’ve offended teachers everywhere, lets talk about some of the things I did once I got home, where my mood managed to greatly improve in a short amount of time.

I found a kitty asleep in a chair.  

She looked so adorable (and I barely even noticed her) so I had to take a picture.

We now have bleeding hearts (far left), burning hearts (center) and wild bleeding hearts (far right). The burning hearts are a deep red, and look really pretty. I think we already had some in the yard (which were close to dying) so I moved them over next to the larger plant that we bought yesterday.

We have three ENORMUS bushes of candytuft. This one is completely covered in blooms at the moment, so it was the on I took a picture of. I have to say though, I hate the smell of these.

Hmm… does anyone know where Buttercup is? Oh, there she is. That bright white speck in the middle of a green field. She seems to think she blends in with her surrounding when she lies down, so whenever she’s “stalking” Kira, she lays down in the grass. It’s really cute to watch.

And lastly I got to see that my yard was happy. Which in turn made me happy. Some how being home for about an hour (by myself) almost always manages to improve my mood.