I was just about to write a new post when I see Five Ways To Get Featured On Freshly Pressed. I had to check it out of course. Um, you know that post I wrote literally TWO days ago? Yea, this is exactly the same thing. I’m really kind of irritated about it. What are the chances that I would write a post like that, and then two days later someone else writes the exact same thing? REALLY annoying, especially because it’s a staff member who wrote it, so I can’t just go and complain and say they plagiarized. (Not that I’m saying they are though, because I seriously doubt that). The post IS different, but it’s basically the same. Whatever.

Sorry about not having a new post up for you today. I wrote one, and had pictures and everything, but it didn’t post it for some reason. Even though I checked to make sure it was up. So you’ve got double to read tomorrow. Anyway, let’s talk about today shall we? I know you’re just dying to read about it.

C got in a fight today. People aren’t calling it a fight, but… she threw punches, busted the guys lip, and drew blood on the both of them. So in my world, it was a fight. During lunch we had been sitting minding our own business when out of no where comes a half eaten banana. MS (from way way way back at the begging of the school year) shouted at the table that threw it and told them to come get it. They didn’t, so she threw it back. They threw it at us again, so we all left not wanting to cause a food fight. I guess C and MS have had problems with these guys before so C went straight to the security guard and told him what happened. He went and got one of the boys with another one trailing behind who said that it wasn’t him (the boy who was being taken) that slowed down the procession and allowed time for the guy to call MS a bitch. She went OFF. The security guard literally had to pick her up and shut her in the lunch room because she was going to kick the guy’s ass.

After she’d calmed down a little, and C was holding the doors shut, the security guard took the guy down. That left his stupid friend to talk to C. I don’t remember what he said exactly, I think he asked to go back in the lunch room. C started shouting at him about how stupid he was because MS was going to kick his ass and that’s why she was in there, and that if he didn’t leave she (C) was going to punch him. He said punch me. So C flew at the guy, missed his face because he turned away, and then tried to hit him again. He grabbed her arms and pushed her up against a wall so that she’d stop. I don’t know exactly when she hit his face, but she busted his lip open. He was holding onto her too long though, so I step forward and told him to let go. I forgot about it at the time, but C has serious personal space issues. She does NOT like it if someone touches her. She freaks out (like starts hyper ventalaiting) if I touch her.

She kind of froze up while he was holding her, which I’m assuming is because of her space issues, and could barely tell him to let go. She didn’t even have the strength to kick him properly. All of the sudden MS FLEW through the cafeteria doors and smashed into the guy. That brought out a few others who broke up the fight. MS disappeared, the guy disappeared, and all that was left was C who was shaking like a leaf and crying. She was hyperventalaiting like crazy, and none of us had anything to say. Her hand was bleeding too; she’d hit the brick wall because the guy moved out of the way, so her hand was all scratched up. Some girl I don’t know escorted her to the nurse’s office, with me in toe. I grabbed MS’s bag because I didn’t want someone taking it.

We got to the office and the guy was already cleaning up his face. After C washed her hand and got a few band-aids on we all went to sit in the office. We all just sort of stood there waiting, C was still crying, and then were told to leave by the office lady. Eventually a few other people showed up, so we had to leave because we were becoming a crowd. Once we were out of the office, we went and found M who was telling some of the other part of our group what had happened. MS was already in talking with a councilor about the ordeal. We were all pretty shaken up by the whole thing, and it was so random you couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t know if C will be at school tomorrow because you can get suspended for shouting too loud. She drew blood so… yea. And it sucks because she and MS are both on track, or rather, were on track. The sports at our school don’t tolerate violence (but sexual harassment is fine).

That was the highlight of my day. Lol.

Oh and one quick thing that none of you are going to care about because it’s completely irrelevant, a banana slug!

I LOVE banana slugs. They’re native to Washington, and they have medicinal properties. They are also able to create long chords of mucus when they’re up in the tree tops, so that they can quickly descend to the forest floor when the sun becomes too warm. Lol, I’m a freak for knowing that. Anyway, I’m super excited to have a banana slug in the yard, especially since we don’t have any slugs or snails or earthworms. Did you know earthworms aren’t native to the US? I don’t remember why they were imported though… I’ll have to look it up tomorrow.