School was yet another wasted six hours of my life. I feel like they only put us in school to keep us out of trouble. I’m not learning ANYTHING anymore. It’s an absolute waste of my time. I could be gardening or learning how best to get rid of black spots on my roses, or how to encourage toad stools. Instead I’m forced to move from cramped room to cramped room, never seeing daylight. I feel like I’m being held prisoner while I’m at school, and the teacher’s all made their lesson plans specifically to torture me. I know, I know, typical teenage expression. But it really is how I feel about school, so forgive me if I’m cliché.
Once I made it home from the torture chambers, I got to scope out the yard. Guess what I have pictures of! I bet you’ll never guess. Flowers. I know, it’s completely random and something I never talk about. – I envisioned myself saying this with a huge cheesy grin on my face while also applying a baby voice. Don’t ask me why; I’m insane. Anyway, here’s a few more pictures of the columbine I have everywhere. Maybe now that shesboxingclever has teased me about it, I might be able to remember the name.

I know it’s nothing special but it seemed to be smiling up at me, so I had to take a pic.

This is my favorite of the columbines. Unfortunately it’s the only one of its kind and doesn’t seem to have reseeded. I love its colors and petal patterns though. Hopefully I can get it to go to seed and spread. The more the merrier!

And last but not least, a picture of my spastic cat who loves to sleep in the oddest positions on my backpack. She sleeps there everyday after I get home from school.

I’ve noticed that I’ve stopped posting pictures of the dogs. I really need to go and steal back my sister’s camera.

Anyway, I’m rather disappointed that yesterdays post didn’t make it on the homepage. I wrote it specifically for that. I guess I don’t have a high enough standing in the blogosphere or something though. Oh well, back to my monotones (ok seriously spell check that, mine won’t tell me how to spell that word) life.

We took Buttercup to the vet today. Her incision from her surgery was getting a little puffy and red and swollen so we wanted to take her in. The vet said that she was fine, it’s probably just starting to itch and Buttercup might start licking it. Our vet/doctor lady reeked though. I mean STANK. She smelled of BO and dog crap. I’m not kidding. And I think she does drugs because she’s really gaunt and has thin hair and looks like she’s probably taking a few of the pain meds for the animals. Those are hardcore drugs too, so it wouldn’t be hard to get high off of them. She’s nice enough; I just don’t really want her to do anymore surgeries on my pets lol.

Ok well I’m going to wrap this up (even though I know I’m forgetting something) because I didn’t get to take my afternoon nap and I’m exhausted. Oddly enough, I didn’t get anything done during the three hours I usually nap through. That’s a sign I should’ve been asleep. My mom was using my computer though, so I couldn’t really take a nap with the keys clicking right next to my head. She got her wireless card up and going though so I don’t have to share with her anymore, :). Ok is it just me or do I write like a third grader? I went back and read some of my older posts, and I sound completely stupid/childish. Let me know what you think, I’m going to bed.