Woke up at ten today, it was nice getting to sleep in. Then my dad made breakfast, which again was nice. We had no plans for the day (but I knew it would involve driving) so I wanted to go to the tulip festival. It was a little over two hours away, maybe three, but it was in the direction of my mom’s anyway, so on the way back my sister and I could just stop off at home and then my dad could drive back to his house. That would’ve worked perfectly, if it weren’t for the fact that my dad “had to work”. You have to go into work at noon on a Sunday? Even though you always go to work after six because your work is LESS THAN A BLOCK AWAY FROM WHERE YOU HAVE TO DROP US OFF. I was kind of irritated by this. I haven’t seen my dad in two months, and then when I finally come down and actually want to do something (I hardly ever feel like doing anything) he decides to take up all of our time together to work. Thinking back on it now, I’m guessing he had a date planned after he dropped us off. If that’s the case, I’ll be furious.

So instead of going to the tulip festival, we drove around town. It was actually kind of annoying. There was a lot of traffic because there was a sail boat parade thing. And of course, I was freaking my dad out with my driving. I wasn’t doing anything wrong (I was actually driving like everyone else) but that was freaking my dad out to no end. He kept asking how fast I was going because he was worried I was speeding, even though I was being passed by EVERYONE. It was kind of irritating. Then my sister felt like joining in, which was seriously inspiring me to throw the two of them out of the car and just drive home.

I didn’t though (aren’t I a good child?) and we ended up at the Glass museum. We didn’t go into the museum, we just ate at the café (which my dad sells produce to) and then we went to the gift shop and then we went up to the roof and onto the bridge. Here’s some of the glass work on the roof on the way to the bridge.


What would inspire someone to say, ‘ya know? I think I’m going to make hundreds of large glass blobs today’? I don’t get it.

Whatever, onto some plant related things! Here’s a picture of a bunch of trillium at my dads.

They are actually my mom’s (from my dead grandmothers house) but she planted some here while my parents were married and here they stayed. And clearly multiplied. They’re about to finish blooming; there’s over thirty of them there. I guess it’s really rare to see them so established like this; even in the woods. Oh and all of the green underneath them? That’s Lily of the Valley (also my mothers) and it’s grown in a thick carpet along the width of the house. I’d love to take some and put it under the cherry blossom tree. It would filly in splendidly there.

Here’s something that bloomed while I was away.

Lovely isn’t it? It’s a flower from one of out peony trees. The flowers burst open while I was gone. Rather rude if you ask me. They’re pretty though, so I’m glad to see them open. They’re really big too.

One of my aunts brought us three blueberry bushes today. I’m very excited about that. My mom planted them before I got home, so I didn’t see them until she asked why I hadn’t gone over to look at them. They’re so tiny at the moment that they blended in with the rest of the greenery. They’re all blooming, so we’ll definitely have some berries this year.

On a more depressing note, one of my mother’s good family friends had two heart attacks (at the same time [in separate parts of the heart]) on Friday. She’s in intensive care and is not coherent. She’s had multiple back surgeries for bone issues and is rather old. So she probably won’t be around for much longer. On another depressing note, while I was at my dads, someone was robbed at gun point DIRECTLY across the street from my house in the church parking lot. The man was approached from behind, poked in the back with a gun, robbed, and then smacked on the head (so hard it split his head open) with the gun. He’s going to be alright but they don’t know who it was who did it. My mom and F and S were out, and my neighbor J was on her computer and didn’t see anything.

What the heck is up with all of the violence and chaos and death that’s going on? It’s really annoying. So let’s see, I’ve lost two cats in the past two months, a family friend had two heart attacks, a man was robbed at gun point across the street from my house in a CHURCH parking lot, OH AND one of my dad’s good friends mother’s funeral was this weekend. She basically got lonely and tired of living so she stopped eating and died weighing 80 lbs. I’m seriously getting tired of the tragedy in my life. Ok, this is MUCH too long. Thank you to those of you who checked in while I was gone, and I thank even more those who read this whole post. Lol.