I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you before but my dad has a new friend who is a girl. Of course they’re dating but my sister was in denial about it. The woman is very nice and we get along, but she’s certainly not stepmother material and I doubt the relationship will last for more than a few months; a year or two tops. Anyway, she’s my sister’s dietitian or something like that. She works at a diabetes clinic or something. Which means my sisters been hiding some things from me but whatever. Looks like we’re a family of secrets. My dads been keeping most of them (no one on his side of the family knows that he bought me a car and he’s had it since last Thursday, he’s been smoking for YEARS, and he has a girlfriend). I’m a closet gay, and have a blog and am secretly insane.

I don’t have anything too specific about my sister, but I know she has secrets out the wazzoo. As for my mom… I don’t have any idea. She’s pretty upfront and honest about everything. I guess I get my secretiveness from my dad. It’s probably the best thing I could’ve gotten, considering. Anyway, once she left (we took her out to dinner and then once we got home she stayed to watch Whip It with us). She hugged my sister and I as she was leaving. I guess she likes me. It’s not like she couldn’t. If she didn’t she wouldn’t be allowed to see my dad again and she wouldn’t be allowed in the house. Believe me, I can be a royal bitch when I need to.

Something else rather odd, my uncle from last night (who I’ve never actually had a real conversation with) came over to take me driving today sometime around ten. My sister was just starting to make us a salad when all of the sudden he knocked at our door. Completely random. He waited for us to finish eating and then we went for a drive. I had no idea where I was going and ended up by the port and a paper mill. I’ve never been anywhere near there. We came to a freeway entrance and I had no idea where to go and my uncle gave me one little direction and I was immediately on a road I recognized and knew exactly how to get hone from. It was really kind of ridiculous. My car is really nice (though there are a few things I wouldn’t mind changing) and it’s really easy to drive so that’s a plus.