My creditability for being “good” is quickly loosing its value. My friend and I left school about 35 minutes early today. Don’t tell my mom or my sister though, because I always get mad at my sis for leaving early and skipping class. But this is my first time, there’s no chance of us being caught and all we were doing in 6th was watching a boring video, which we won’t even get to finish, and have no related assignments to it, so it doesn’t even matter. I was oober paranoid the entire time we were walking though. I was SURE that one of the security guards was going to pop out of no where and give us detention. But they didn’t and we made it to my friend’s car and then we left.

Today was boring and more of a waste of time. It’s really sunny out today so I’m not very happy that I had to go to school. It’s actually rather irritating that the weather is going to be so nice while I’m away. However, my mom has made it very clear that we can’t spend anymore money on the yard, because we’ve already invested a ton. Do you think she’s following that rule? Lol nope.

Last night (I think I forgot to mention this) I had to go next door and let J’s dogs out. I think she was at a party or something. Her dogs are HEAVY and one of them has to be carried up the stairs because of back problems. They’re both French Bulldogs though so she wasn’t an unmanageable size. I’d be fine letting her dogs out all the time, since she’s hardly ever home, but I’d want to be paid for it. It’s not like it’s a fun thing to do, and I have to put my dogs inside before I can let hers out. My mom came with me just so I didn’t have to face the two dogs alone. They weren’t too bad though, and recognized me pretty quickly. Then they started barking when I left, so it was kind of hard to leave. Plus I felt bad that they were just sitting in the dark, so I left a light on.

My dad won’t be here to get me for another 30 minutes. School literally got out five minutes ago. I like leaving early. You get a lot more done lol. It was awesome because it was someone’s birthday today so they brought cupcakes and cookies. So my friend and I were eating cookies while we walked to her car, hahahaha.