Today’s testing was WAYYYY too long. We were given two hours and forty minutes to take the math HSPE and the entire class was done an hour early. We just sat and talked for the rest of the time. And then once testing was done we had a 15 minute break before lunch officially started, which means we really just had a 45 minute lunch. Waste of my time. As much as I hate driving, it really would be nice to just get in my car and leave. Oh speaking of “grown-up” things, my mom got me a job application from the nursery I told you about. The one with all the gay guys working there? lol. I’m supposed to call tomorrow for an interview. They only have a “skeleton staff” at the moment (which I take it means that they have a bare minimum of people) but it’s still not guaranteed that I’ll get the job. Someone else is interested too. But I’m 16 and go to the local high school, which I guess makes me more desirable or something. I dunno; fingers crossed though!

So I finally got around to taking a picture of the lettuce plants. I know, I’m oober lazy.


Aren’t they so cute? They’re right next to the raspberries and potatoes, but we had to put a screen up because we hadn’t even finished planting them and Buttercup squished one. The potatoes are also coming up nicely, but the leaves aren’t prominent enough to stand out just yet, so I’ll take a picture once they’re bigger. I also planted one of our other honeysuckles today. It’s a start from our really big one, which smells amazing. I put it up in the back corner of the yard, because the fence is really short there and Sam could jump it without much effort. Much as F and S like Sam, I don’t think they want him in their yard. Hopefully that fills in quickly; I surrounded it in compost so it should shoot up pretty quickly.

Oh! While my mom got me a job application she also got us a package of ladybugs. I’m so excited to see them flying around the yard tomorrow! I love ladybugs; they’re so pretty. I think we have got about three species, and all of the bugs are tiny so they’re all just a bunch of red spots on the wall. We put them on the wall (I’m just going to refer to the northern part of the yard mentioned yesterday as “the wall”) because they have to nest on an evergreen. My mom’s thinking of getting another package of them just to help the neighborhood population. I think we have the most roses in the neighborhood though. I’m kind of surprised actually. We only just moved in and we already have more plants in our yard than half the neighborhood. Sorry, I have a slight addiction to things that are green and grow. This does not include marijuana or tobacco however.

In indoor plant related news, the orchid’s are both opening up more flowers today. They both look gorgeous. My mom’s being a meany and not letting me bring them out of the bathroom so I have to go stand in the shower to look at them lol. My peace-lily is blooming.

Ok I have to go, my sister won’t leave me alone. Don’t forget, Glee’s on tonight!