The bee’s were so much fun today! My family (all three of us) went over to my mom’s friends house so we could follow them over to their friends house, so we could walk across the street to the neighbors; who had the bees. Oh, I forgot! I have pictures! Forgive me in advance for the lack of organization in this post. Give me a minute here… I know I have it in my email… URGGHH. My mom didn’t send me all of the pictures. So for now you get a picture of a fence, with me in the background. I’ll post the one I wanted to show you tomorrow.

I’m the one who’s standing there doing nothing. I’m kind of annoyed I don’t have the right picture for you. Anyway. It was loads of fun. I didn’t get stung but B did. He also happens to be slightly allergic. He was fine this time though. He got stung on his hand, because he wasn’t wearing any gloves. He said it made handling things easier but… I liked having my gloves on. The bees were so cool. Just listening to them buzz was amazing. Suiting up was so weird. It wasn’t that it was weird per say, so much as it was different; certainly not something I do regularly. I know I’ve talked about getting bee’s for years (maybe not so much on here) but it was still so surreal walking around in a beekeepers suit and setting up a bee hive. B’s neighbor/friend said that the cheapest way to start a beehive would cost about $200. And that’s JUST the hive and the bee’s; not all the gear.

I don’t really care though, I’d certainly be willing to cough up that much (of my own) money and get a beehive now. I thought it would be a lot more work, but it was actually really easy. It took about an hour and a half to do everything but it really only felt like five minutes. Maybe I should actually tell you what it was we did; would that be helpful maybe? Ok so- B had a hive that survived the winter but wasn’t doing as well as it could, so we took that one apart (we got to see the queen which B hasn’t seen since he bought her) and rearranged the frames so the bees (hopefully) do better. Then we installed a “package” (a box of several hundred bee’s and a “virgin queen” [a queen who has not mated with a drone {a male bee}]) into a new beehive. Lol that’s a lot of information in one sentence. Did you follow all of that?

My mom has officially declared that I can’t have a beehive until I get my license and talk to the college about Running Start (a program which allows high school students to take classes at the college, earning both college and high school credits). I might’ve forgotten to mention to you all that I missed the day to register for the test for Running Start. That day was over a week ago; I’m kind of behind. Anyway, once I contact the college and get my license (which I’m none too thrilled about) I get to have some bees! Anyway, after we were finished with the bees, we sat down and had some barbecued ribs. Yum. Oh incase you were wondering who my mom’s friends were, they’re the one’s who’s boys were over not too long ago. So I got to see those two again. They weren’t interested in me at all; mostly they ran around with the other kids. Which was fine, I didn’t have much time for them until later on in the day. We got there at noon and stayed there until after 4. It didn’t feel like that long at all.

Once I got home I was… rather hungry, so I microwaved the leftover salmon chowder from last night. I swear I’ve gained at least five pounds since the last time I weighed myself. And I’m not exaggerating that either, I AM larger. I’m still rail thin mind, I just happen to have a bit more fat on me. Anyway, I made myself the chowder, and then went outside (because it really was beautiful out, and I hadn’t been outside all week) and sat down at our table outside to eat. No sooner had I finished eating does S walk up from her driveway. They were just getting back from their grandchildren’s (who are twins) game. So we talked for a while. I asked her if anyone in her family was allergic to bees, because I want to get some and don’t want them to be an inconvenience to anyone. She said no, she didn’t. We chatted a bit more and then she went inside and I went and cleaned up and went inside.

I wasn’t ready to be done for the day so (instead of sitting down and reading Great Expectations which I still haven’t finished) I decided to ask my mom about planting one of the honeysuckle’s up by my other neighbor’s, J’s, fence. She said sure. I wanted to make sure J wouldn’t have a problem with this though, so I went over and knocked on her door. She had just gotten back from getting groceries. She was so sweet; before she left she asked if we needed anything (we were both outside so it wasn’t like she went out of her way or anything extreme, but it was really sweet of her) from the store. Anyway, I go over and knock and she immediately invited me in. We talked for about 20 minutes. I felt bad because I had interrupted her while she was preparing dinner for she and her friend. But I went outside and showed her where I was planning to put the honeysuckle (and explained what a honeysuckle is) and then we talked about her yard and all sorts of things.

She told me this story about this guy she saw at Lowes and how she gave him her email address, lol. She wrote “nice smile, let’s chat”. I was cracking up when she told me that. I knew that she was having girl talk with me, but it never occurred to me that I was supposed to tell a story as well. I don’t have any stories like that anyway. Believe me; if I did you’d be the first to know. So she changed the subject smoothly (I really didn’t even think about it until just now) and we talked about other things. Eventually her friend got there and I left, not wanting to butt in on their time. I went back home, told my mother about some of the things we talked about (not that she was listening because she was so involved in her work) and then went out and practically broke my neck trying to plant the honeysuckle. It was too dark to get a picture once I finished, but I’ll show you tomorrow.

Oh one quick thing before I’m done. The roses are COVERED in aphids. We have some ladybugs in the yard already but certainly not enough to control the infestation. I tried to pick off a large cluster of some aphids that were on a flower bud, by removing the flower bud. There were more aphids then there was a flower bud. My fingers turned orange from all of the guts that exploded onto them. Blech. Anyway, we’ll be buying some ladybugs ASAP. Oh and another thing. I’ve mentioned how we have a colony of sugar ants that keeps moving around the yard right? Well today we found it again. It was a huge brown blob on the edge of the pathway to the back yard. They were swarming under the rainspout and there was a thick blanket of them around the Leaks and Chives. My mom promptly went in and got some powdered sugar and borax.

The ants take the powdered sugar (and unsuspectingly the borax as well) back to the nest and the borax ends up killing all of the ants that eat it. Hopefully the queen is one of the ants. I feel bad though. Some of the roses and all of the Peonies need sugar ants. Imagine how bad the aphid infestation will be now. Yeah ok, I’m done for the day. I think the length of this post makes up for the length of yesterdays.