I’ll start the post off sad. My neighbors put their cat down today. I went outside (because I was going stir crazy and my mom went and bought MORE plants) just in time to catch S who told me that F was at the vet putting the cat down. She gave me all of their cat food and cat litter. We won’t use any of it, but I felt like I needed to take it so it wouldn’t be sitting around their house depressing them. No sooner had I gotten back outside from putting the food and such away, does F pull in the driveway carrying an empty cat-carrier. It was such a sad sight. Their cats name was Sheba. She had some infection or other and had been peeing blood for days. She wouldn’t eat or anything and was 18 years old so putting her through surgery wouldn’t’ve done much for her life expectancy. Putting her to sleep was the humane thing to do and I support their decision. Sheba passed away sometime around 4:30.

Tying in with the vet and surgery and all of that; my mom took Buttercup to be spayed today. We also had her chipped so she’s in rough shape today, the poor thing. My mom brought her home around 4ish. It’s so weird seeing her with her belly shaved. She has a red spot on the back of her neck where they implanted the chip. The poor dog couldn’t even bark. While the other two were barking at something on the other side of the yard, Buttercup stayed behind and howled. She tilted her head and howled like a wolf. It was terribly cute. She weighs just over 19 pounds now. Her dad weighs 20. She’s rather large for a Westie I guess. She’s so cute.

I’m still sick. I’ve been coughing and sneezing all day. I barely got off the couch. I really only got one good nap in today; falling asleep takes forever for me, and if there’s noise while I’m trying to fall asleep it’s almost impossible. This morning I had the most wondrous dream. I hardly ever dream anymore. I won’t bore you with the details of it, but basically I was a super hero fighting off an evil Alien Sand Blob. My friends and I (none of the people in my dream were people I’ve ever seen in real life before) hid inside a dance school which was coincidentally having prom that night. The school locked p automatically once we were inside (much like Hogwarts) and we were completely safe. Except one of my friends was still outside so we had to open the door and let him in which in turn let the monster in. Just as I (and the top super hero’s of the school [everyone had super powers in this dream lol]) were about to kick this things butt, the phone rang and woke me up. I wasn’t too happy.

So much for not boring you with the details. It’s just that I hardly ever dream anymore, and when I do I can’t remember what it was I was dreaming. I used to dream every night. Long beautiful dreams, revolving mostly around flying. Anyway, I didn’t get any reading done. I’m only 8 pages farther than yesterday. I miss the times when I could sit down and plug myself into a book without any trouble. Today I could barely read two lines without spacing out. It’s really annoying actually. I would read a few lines and then start spacing out WHILE I was reading. That’s right. I have the ability to read AND daydream at the same time. It’s so terribly annoying I can’t stand it. I slip so easily into a day dream that I don’t even notice I’m not actually following the story anymore. I don’t even know HOW I manage to start day dreaming while I’m reading. I don’t stop reading and then stare off into space; I’ll just space out. I really should try and figure out how to stop doing that.

Let’s see what else, what else… My sister FINALLY started painting her room today. She’s going to make it all flashy and bizarre looking. Um… what else…? Oh. I’m not prepared for school next week. It’s already Friday for crying out loud. Why couldn’t it be, I dunno, Wednesday or something? I thought it was Saturday (which was really depressing me) but my sister informed me otherwise which improved my mood for a few hours until I realized that the week had still flown by whether I liked it or not. And I do not like it. Why is it that when I’m home and actually DOING something, time goes by twice as fast as it does when I’m at school. I can’t stand school. I swear, if I ever have kids, I’m homeschooling them. That way I can teach them relevant things and they’ll actually LEARN. Now, all I have to do is find a rich man and marry him. I think I’d make an excellent house wife. Don’t you?