Shia Labeouf

I can’t believe I almost didn’t put him in here (thanks She’sboxingclever). My mom has a huge crush on him (despite being old enough to be HIS mother) and would’ve killed me if she found out that he wasn’t on my list.

Collin Farrell

You can’t deny it; he looks good.

Channing Tatum

You mean to tell me that if you were walking down the beach and saw THAT, you wouldn’t jump him? Right and what planet are you from again?

Josh Duhamel

Yeah. He’d probably leave my house looking like that too. Lol. Just sayin.

Max Thieriot

Some of his more recent pictures aren’t so great (he looks really unhealthy) but this one shows just how great he can look. Want to know something funny? When I was little and watched Catch That Kid, I had a crush on him and Corbin Blue lol. Kristen Stewart was also in the movie, but for whatever reason, she just wasn’t as cute as the boys. Haha.

Ok I’ll be done again. I feel bad about posting so many while Cheering4u is away, but at the same time, I won’t be back until late on Thursday so I’ve got to be posting for the whole week.

Oh but one more.

Will Smith

I’m sorry I didn’t put him on here earlier.

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