I was productive in a way that is not my normal fashion today. I got up, and it was sunny, so I grabbed my book and headed outside to read. About 10 minutes later the sun went away and it started getting cold. So I went inside and turned on the fireplace and decided watching TV would be better. You see how my mind works? I eventually decided I should take a shower and get prepared for the day. Once in the shower I realized that a shower wasn’t what I wanted. A bath was. The bathtub had been housing several plants including the split leaved philodendron and a peace lily. Instead of just moving the philodendron, I decided I should finally repot it which we had to uproot (the cats peed in it’s pot and the whole thing reeked of cat urine so we took the main root ball [along with the rest of the plant] and put it in another pot an then threw the other dirt outside) before the move. I got it out of the house and up the steps to the worm bin just in time for it to start raining/hailing. It was so cold I could see my breath. I repotted it quickly and rushed inside.

Once that was done I took the peace lily and soaked it (because I had also started soaking my orchids, two of whish are going to bloom soon!) and set about cleaning the bathtub. I didn’t want to use bleach. So I grabbed our big container of vinegar (we bought a big thing of it to use as weed killer on the lawn) and a towel and started washing. Once my hands were starting to burn because I didn’t wear gloves, I figured I was done and gave the tub a quick rinse. Then I drew myself a nice hot bath. Being in a bathtub is weird. It’s just weird. I only like it if the water is one degree below scalding and I’ve just come in from being in the snow for half the day. But the water was only slightly warm (most of the hot water used from the shower) and I was toasty because of the fireplace. Half an hour later I was finished with my bath.

Yea this is really uninteresting I know. I’m REALLY surprised I still get views to be quite honest with you. People who HAVE to see me don’t listen to what I’m saying, but you all actually go out of your way to read about my day. Whatever drugs you’re taking, please send me some. Anyway, my hands still smell like vinegar, the bathroom is clean, and I feel sick. My cousin (the pregnant one in Oregon) is sick and so I might’ve caught it from her. If I didn’t, I probably caught it from her niece (also my cousin) who had pneumonia. I’ve had that odd “sick feeling” all day. I’d be doing something just fine and dandy and then, all of the sudden, I’d be completely exhausted and couldn’t do anything. I spent most of the day (after the bath) on the couch. I really hope I don’t get sick. I’m going to see the bee guy this weekend! And then next week is the math part of the HSPE.

I didn’t take any pictures of anything because of the crumby weather and my odd state of health. It rained off and on pretty much all day. It wasn’t a warm rain either, it was COLD. WTF. It’s spring, things are supposed to be warming up right now, not cooling down and dumping all the rain we didn’t get from winter. Whatever. Stupid, lousy, annoying, good for nothing, weather. Making me all depressed and irritable and what not. Ok well there’s a bed with my name on it that happens to be within arms reach at the moment so I think I’ll be signing off and getting some rest. Ooo the winds picking up. Maybe it’ll blow away tomorrows clouds. Here’s hoping.