We’ll see how far I get with this because I’m not too sure about how much time I have. We’re expected in Oregon tonight, which means about three hour’s non-stop on the road. There’s supposed to be a huge storm, with 80 mile an hour winds down there so that should be fun. My cousin is going to house-sit for us while we’re gone. I figured I’d warn my neighbors, so they knew what was going on and wouldn’t be surprised to see a strange car in the driveway. So I went over with the mail, as usual, and they let me right in because it’s been raining like crazy and it’s super windy. Well once I’m in their house I’m pretty much stuck there for at least half an hour lol.

You wanna know what we did the whole time? Watched ellen. And then once ellen was over, we watched Oprah. Lmao. I just went over and sat in their living room and watched TV with them. Lol, gotta love my neighbors. *get’s up to let the dogs in* *sits back down from letting the dogs in* OK, you know the wind is blowing hard when you can’t even open the DOOR. I seriously thought the door was locked. And once I got it open I couldn’t get it shut until the wind changed and practically threw it in my face. The dogs are wet, muddy messes. They tore apart my bed while I was next door, and now that they’re dirty my sheets (which they put on the floor) are covered in mud stains. Har har. Nothing like a bit of raunchy humor to get a post rollin’ eh?

We had tests today. I got a 21/30 on the Spanish (a personal best) and I don’t know what for the history. I didn’t finish my essay for la though, so I had to turn in an essay missing 1and a ½ body paragraphs. I COULD NOT find quotes for the life of me. I knew exactly had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to write but I couldn’t find the quote so I couldn’t finish. I spent any free time I had during class looking through the book. I found three PERFECT quotes that would’ve gone amazingly with my essay. Of course I could do nothing to add them in. VERY irritating, I must say.

That’s pretty much all I have for you. Unless you want me to mention how my eyelid WILL NOT stop twitching and my eye is beginning to hurt because of it. Or how about how boring the three hour car ride is going to be? I call shot gun! There, you all heard it. I have dibs. My sister’s just going to sleep anyway, it’s only right that I should get the front. Ok I’m going to post this while I still have time.