Please note: I will be going down to see my cousins in Oregon tomorrow and Saturday. I don’t know if I’ll have time to get a post up tomorrow before I leave, but I’ll definitely write something up for you. My sister is going to stay down there until Wednesday at which point we’ll go back and get her. So forgive me in advance for possibly missing a few posts, but know that I will have something written up and ready to post as soon as I get back.

Now. Let’s talk about my day shall we? *contemplates for a moment.* I must say, finding new ways to talk about the same thing everyday is getting really difficult. First period I got SUPER hyper. My friend (who sits next to me in that class) has ADHD and forgot to take her meds today. So she was ridiculously hyper and couldn’t focus. That, combined with my attention span, pretty much ensured we weren’t going to get anything done. And we didn’t. My teacher threatened to give my friend detention. I somehow manage to always avoid getting in trouble. I have no idea why, but no matter who I’m next to, the other person always gets a warning or some type of comment directed at them from the teacher.

I was talking more than my friend was, and the only time I was addressed was when my teacher was talking to both of us. Anyway, first period gave me a huge energy rush and made focusing impossible. I had hoped that I had built up enough steam to make it through second period. I was wrong. Some how my Spanish teacher ALWAYS manages to suck all the energy I have out of me. I can just walk in the room and I feel tired. We even played GAMES today and that didn’t help. The ENTIRE class was even off topic today and that didn’t help. I need some hardcore caffeine and about two pounds of sugar to make it through that class I think.

Third period was fun. We watched the first part of this movie called GATTACA. It’s a science fiction movie in which 90% of the people are genetically engineered to be super humans. The main character is, of course, not. He wants to go into space, but cannot because he has a heart condition (which would’ve been avoided if he had been genetically engineered) so he pretends to be someone else using their genetic material. It was SUPER interesting and the entire class (including my group who never works) watched it. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

Fourth, fifth and sixth were three hours of my life I’ll never get back. Let’s just say that. I listened to my ipod through all of them.

I’ll keep this short today, since yesterdays post was practically a novel. I really am sorry about that. I didn’t realize how much I had written until I was on the last paragraph. It was over two pages in a word document. Again, sorry. Thanks to those of you who read it. The few of you who did care more about my opinions and thoughts than my friends and family do. Lol.