I thought today would be fine. First period was a little boring, I just sat by myself and did a bunch of math problems. Ok whatever, no big deal. I got to second and things were fun. We were laughing and carrying on. But of course, someone had to say “faggot” which seemed to only get the ball rolling. He didn’t actually say faggot, he said “flaggot.” And he didn’t say it to me, but it was still annoying because he is one of the few guys I don’t hate at the school. After that the class was supposed to pair up and then we got white boards to play a game. Well of course everyone was going to draw on them. I spaced out about ¾ of the way through and drew a flower. The guys (whom I absolutely DESPISE) decided it would be fun to draw me. I never saw the picture, but I didn’t need to. They were laughing about it out right, and showed C and her partner who also started laughing.

The one guy, I can’t STAND. He looks like a giant mouse, and has a head that reminds me of Sid the sloth from Ice Age. He thinks he’s the coolest, and has serious anger problems. If things don’t go his way he gets mad and stops participating. He reminds me way too much of my father and I can’t stand to look at him most of the time. Whenever he tries to be defiant or gets mad his face turns a blotchy red. I can’t stand him.

Anyway. The day was empty as usual. Nothing exciting, completely boring, such a waste of time blah blah blah. I do have a rant about 6th period though. Want to hear it?… Yea well you probably shouldn’t’ve clicked onto my blog then should you. You knew I was going to rant about SOMETHING. I always do, don’t I? Ok so anyway, I wrote this review about Shutter Island (which I will post tomorrow once I get the copy off of the school computer). My review was completed ahead of schedual. So I started designing my page. I made it so all that needed to be done was for the other person to insert their story and image and the page would be finished. I came back the next day, and the page had been deleted. I asked the other person who was on my page what happened, and he told me we weren’t on the same page anymore. He didn’t say he deleted my page, but I have a feeling it was him. So I went and checked the “ladder” (basically a list of what page you’re assigned to and who you’re working with). I had been removed from the ladder. I asked my teacher. Nothing. I asked one of my friends who I thought I might’ve been grouped with. Nothing. I asked another one of my friends and still NOTHING.

So I waited a day and asked my teacher again. He couldn’t tell me anything. The paper came out today and as far as it was concerned, I didn’t even exist. I’m irritated about this because I actually put an effort into this article (normally I just throw a bunch of random words together so I can pass). The only thing that went into the paper that I had anything to do with was my name on the list of the staff members. After every issue we do a self evaluation. I gave myself a B (I always give myself a B) because I didn’t stay after to help. But I also wrote half a paragraph to my teacher about how irritated I was about the whole thing. I’m sure I’ll be hearing back from him tomorrow. Especially since I never actually put effort into anything. That little note is the most he’s heard of me all year lol.

Yay time for another rant; isn’t today such a fun day? You’re all so lucky; two (three if you count the first two paragraphs) rants in one post. This must be a record.

My sister decided to skip school today. I’d like to first clarify my meaning of the word “skip.” If you stay home and miss the whole day of school, then that’s not so bad because you miss the WHOLE day and it’s easy to lie about and it’s not as frowned upon by the school. Or at least they don’t make as big a fuss about it. When I say skipping I mean going to school and then not going to a few of your classes or leaving school early. This is what my sister did. She went for maybe two or three classes and then skipped the rest of the day. Her and three of her friends. Four KIDS walking around during the middle of the day with backpacks on. Do you think no one’s going to notice?

She asked me to cover for her if my mom asked about her. I told her I wasn’t going to tell on her, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to cover for her. She kind of pissed me off. She skipped class, almost got caught (TWICE) and then wanted me to cover for her. Even though she missed TEN days of school in a row because she wanted to go down to my dads. I got home just in time to find all of my sisters friends (two of them were the boy and the girl from last time) sitting across the street on the church’s grass and my sister talking to my neighbor. My neighbor (bless her heart) was going to call the police on them. I wished she would’ve. My sister’s stupid friends had been sneaking around our house trying not to be noticed, but that only made them look more suspicious. My neighbor came out with her phone in her hand and kind of looked around for them. One of them poked their heads around the corner and my neighbor (who is rather brilliant) had the phone up to her ear. As soon as she saw the girl she said “hello, police?” Don’t you love my neighbors?

I walked up just in time to hear part of the story and so I got to talk to my neighbor while my sister and her friends filed into the backyard and then inside. Well I wasn’t about to lie to my neighbor about things. I told her upfront why my sister and her friends had been sneaking around; they had decided to skip school. This of course irritated my sister and as soon as I got inside I got an earful. I really had to do a double take. My sister, whom I could’ve essentially grounded for a month if I wanted her to be (told my mom about the days events), was actually yelling at ME because her stupid friends almost got caught. I really wish she’d’ve continued yelling at me for longer than she did. I wanted to pull my cell phone out and call my mom on the spot. The fact that she had the audacity to yell at me and be mad at me was infuriating. And of course her stupid little friend came over and talked to me after word and asked if I still liked her. I didn’t give her a clear response.

They left shortly after, taking the bus to another friend’s house. I had gone out to the back to do my daily sweep of the yard. I unintentionally have the ability to not be seen. They all came out the back door (so they wouldn’t have to lock the front) and couldn’t find me. I was just walking around, but I feel like I made a bit of an entrance. I was walking under the cherry blossom, so I only came into view after I sat down on the steps. And of course once that happened, Buttercup jumped onto my lap. So I had come out of no where, from underneath a white tree, to sit on white steps, and then had a white dog on my lap. I think I must’ve looked pretty regal if I do say so myself. Of course, I didn’t even think about that at the time, I was just irritated with my sister. Oh AND I had white shoes on. I wish I could’ve seen how I looked, haha.

Anyway, her friend wanted to know if I hated him (why her friends are all so concerned about whether I like them or not escapes me) and I said no. But I did say that they were all annoying. I wasn’t going lie about it. They were annoying. They’re still annoying. My sister has the worst taste in friends. I may not be close with my friends, but at least they aren’t stupid every time they come around someone new. Actually, her friends are just always like that. They stole stuff while they skipped today. They’re worried about whether I like them or not, but they don’t care about stealing. UGH, these damn kids. I can’t deal with them.

Sorry for such a long post, I didn’t realize how much I had to say about everything today.