I got little to no sleep last night. I went to bed at 12 after studying/researching for two hours. Then I woke up at 3 because Albus wanted in because it was STILL dumping. And I basically have been up since then. It wasn’t raining much today, but guess what I just heard? Thunder! Look outside!


Ok RIGHT up above the tree line, that’s the other side of the valley. We can ALWAYS see straight to the airstrip. I’ve shown you pictures of the sunset where you can see the tips of some of the planes tails. Anyway, that’s completely grey from the rain. YAY! We’ve got rain here now, less than five minutes later. Woot. April showers bring May flowers. It’s DUMPING now. Oh and there’s snow/hail in it. Rain is ok, hail is not. Hail damages things.

Oh my word. My sister brought some stupid friends over again. It’s a boy and a girl this time, but different than the normal people. Anyway, the girl walked in and immediately screamed “WILLOW!” If I had been sleeping, she would’ve been thrown back out on the street. Screw that. That dogs immediately went berserk because someone had just walked in the door and was screaming. Oh look at the hail!

Ooooohhh lightning! And a big ol’ roll of thunder. The storm must be right over top of us. I asked for lightning yesterday, while my mom and I were driving in the rain. Ask and you shall receive right? I just hope the hail melts quickly and than the plants weren’t too affected. Everything’s got leaves now, I’d hate to see that all ruined. I’d be kind of pissed actually. The cherry blossom is really sagging. I hope it lasts until F can put a pipe underneath it to hold it up. All of the growth is on one side of the tree. I think if it fell I’d go out immediately to clean up the break, so that the tree wouldn’t die. Oh and fyi, Buttercup barked every time there was thunder. She’s asleep on the couch now though; of course.

Ok I’m going to make this quick because I want to get this up before the power goes out. Basically I stressed all day for the History essay and some how I managed to pull off writing it. It was supposed to be five paragraphs (intro, 3 body with 2 Docs each, and conclusion) but I made it three long paragraphs (intro, and 2 bodies with 3 Docs each and no conclusion). I think it was alright, and I made everything flow really nicely if I do say so myself. I have a wonderful way of dancing around a subject and making it sound like I know what I’m talking about whenever I don’t have any idea about the subject.

More importantly, after three weeks (since March 3) of having nothing but the Almost Alice soundtrack stuck in my head (and listening ONLY to that because nothing else sounded good) I’ve FINALLY got a new thing stuck. It’s now Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill album. If you haven’t heard it, look it up. It’s really good. The three songs that are deepest into my brain are All I Really Want, You Oughta Know, and Hand in My Pocket. I’m listening to All I Really Want right now actually lol. When I get a song or album stuck in my head, it doesn’t come out. I mean really, 26 days with Almost Alice being the ONLY thing I would listen to?