I hate when I prepare these big discussion points for you in the morning, and can’t remember them when I go to write a post. It’s really annoying because I WANT to talk about the things I think about with you all but I can’t ever remember them for more than a few hours.  Anyway since I don’t have anything to talk about with you all, I guess I’m stuck telling you about my day. We filled not one, not two, but three, three yard waste bins. First we cleaned out the green house, and look who decided to help?


Why it is that she will jump onto a 10 ft tall building, but not over a four foot fence, escapes me. Anyway, after she got off of the green house, I guess she needed to go and get high.


Yep, that’s catnip. She went straight over from the green house, to the green stuff. Goof cat. She laid down with her head shoved right in the middle of it and then proceeded to eat it. I have a feeling we’ll need to protect the plant with a screen before too long. It’s odd that she’s sticking closer to home all of the sudden. The only times I ever used to see her were when she would get herself stuck on the other side of the fence (which she did today) but now she’s following me around the house and letting me take pictures of her, and it’s weird. She’s even letting me pick her up and PET her. She HATES it when anyone picks her up or pets her. She used to howl like you were killing her if you picked her up. But she actually started purring today. Weirdo.

 After the greenhouse, we attacked the rockery (see above pic [to the right of the green house]) which is covered with a bunch of… well all kinds of things really. You wouldn’t be able to tell what we did if you looked at it now, but once we point it out it’s obvious. Of course, I forgot to take picture so you don’t actually get to see it. Just know we crammed the second bin full of all of the stuff we pruned out. Don’t believe me?

My neighbors saw this and promptly went and got one of their other bins. And about an hour after this picture was taken, we filled that bin too. The wheel of the third (still empty) bin can be seen in the bottom right corner. We had to prune back some pine-shrub things that are a barrier for our neighbors (the house in the first pic) driveway. You couldn’t tell that I had done anything, but my mom went a little crazy with the pruning shears and hacked down every bit of new growth. My little area of shrubbery looks shorter but still untouched. My mom’s… not so much. Anyway, we filled the third bin completely, and would’ve gone to get the neighbors last bin to continue, but it was looking like it was going to start raining, and we were hungry, so we called it quits.

After we ate we went to the grocery store, and then came home and unpacked. Then we grabbed the camellia (the plant I was talking about yesterday but couldn’t remember the name of) start that I saved for my aunt, and drove over to her house to give it to her. While we were at the grocery store it had started DUMPING. From the time I got out of the car and made it into the store, my jacket and the back of my jeans were soaked. It only got worse as we went over to my aunts. You literally couldn’t see out of the windshield it was so bad, and I’m not just exaggerating. So once we got there we sat inside and chatted with my aunt, who gave us a big box of seeds to look threw, until the rain subsided. We ended up take about a dozen different things home with us, plus a broken pot which will go really well with the rockery (pictures tomorrow).

Oh and before I forget! Just LOOK at what the jerks at the vet sent us in the mail yesterday.

Can you believe that? They sent us her freakin paw print. Ugh. Made us all teary again. Those darn (sweet) vet people. I couldn’t finish my breakfast after that. My mom opened the card and started crying almost immediately. She gasped (a bit more audibly than I) when she saw the paw print. *sigh* rude vet nurses. Making people all sad and junk in the middle of the morning. We put the card on the mantle above the fireplace.

PS: that whole bit about the vet people was sarcastic. It was actually really sweet of them; it was just sad seeing the card and the paw print.