We have over 19 peonies in our yard, including a peony tree. The bad thing about peonies is that they attract sugar ants. We have a nest of them on our property. I unintentionally disturbed it when I was weeding once. I didn’t even realize it was there. I guess the ants moved the nest immediately afterword, because I just found it again. In the worm bin. My mom is planning to kill the colony using a poison which the ants take home and then feed to the queen. My only concern now is though; will that poison affect my worms? As a matter of fact, do the ants themselves affect the worms? We have so many peonies (and several roses that rely on sugar ants as well) that I’m sort of against killing them. They are already getting into the house though, which will be annoying after the colony becomes enormous.

Sometimes I really enjoy walking. I feel like I’m gliding. Simply floating along, not even touching the ground. I really am becoming insane. I move gracefully out of habit, to the point that I look absolutely weird. I walk nicer than some of my friends, and I certainly go up the stairs nicer than they do. But I’ve developed a bit of a linguistic problem, so all that grace is lost the minute I open my trap. I can’t seem to get through a sentence without messing up a word. And if I mess it up I have to say it at least another TWO times before I get it right. So that saying that one word takes longer than the whole dang sentence. It’s no wonder people don’t listen to me. I’m a complete oaf. And I’m conceded as hell (how many times do you think I’ve talked about this? Just a rough geusstimate?)

In other news; I had been planning to go to my dads this weekend to get my hair cut (our hair dresser is down by my dad’s house; he’s the only guy my mom will allow to straighten my sister’s hair,) but since I was assigned a huge History essay, I won’t be going. I’ve got to explain how the after math of WWI caused WWII. But my teacher hasn’t really taught us very well *cough* so I have NO IDEA what I’m going to do. We’re supposed to be gathering data tomorrow and over the weekend for the five paragraph essay on Tuesday, which we will be given TWO hours to complete. I’m gonna have to BS the hell out of that essay.

*sigh* I’ve been trying to get my writing style back to how it use to be. I USED to be able to stick on ONE topic for a whole post, and actually express my ideas about the topic. But now? I’m lucky if I stay on three topics. And I sure as hell can’t write out what’s been running through my head the entire day. I spend all day planning what I’m going to write, and then as soon as I get home I have nothing. So I babble. I mean, this post isn’t good. It’s awful; terrible in fact. I’m glad I don’t have to read it over to be honest with you. It’s just a bunch of gibberish. The last thoughts of the evening from a teenager who has half lost his mind anyway and is exhausted from a long day of doing nothing. I swear, the moment I get to live a secluded life style, I’m gone.

People people people. So many people. What are we up to now, 7+ billion on the planet? It’s no wonder we’ve got global warming. There are more people then there is air for crying out loud. I hope you’re following me, because my thought process is all over the damn place, and I’m not doing a very good job of documenting it. Haven’t I said that before? That feels strangely like déjà vu. Ok, this is a complete waste now. My thoughts are completely scattered and it amazes me that I’ve manage to organize them to this extent. If you can make anything intelligible out of that, you’ve got some kind of magical abilities. Lol, feel free to comment on the lack of effort/sanity in this post. I’m left with the thought “wtf” so I can’t imagine what you all will have to say.

Oh but before I’m done, here’s the only thing that will get a comment. This is what someone googled to find my blog today. This is directly copied from my stats page and pasted onto here. Ready? “sheman vagina pic.” Someone actually found my blog googling that. Astounding.