I had a feeling today was going to be a bad one as I walked to first period. None of my friends had been in our usual hang-out spot when I got to school today, and so I just went and stood by a group of one of my friend’s friends who I get along with for about ten minutes until class started. After I started walking I caught up with one of my Journalism buddies. We talked for a while and then she turned and completely ditched me. So I walked to first basically alone. Once in class I told my teacher about Lilly, and she practically started crying because of it. She said she cried for two weeks after her sons mouse died. Lol then she told me not to talk to teachers about things like that (because she was going to start getting emotional if I continued) so I stopped.

The rest of the day went on fast enough I guess. I’ve kind of lost all sense of time. When I’m at school class seems to be hours long. And then when I get home the day light speeds away and I’m only left with a few minutes before bed time to rush and do my homework. I can’t ever remember what day it is, and am almost always surprised when I find out. I mean it’s already the 22 of March for crying out loud! I’ve only got four more months of school, and two weeks until break. My Journalism article is due tomorrow (which I’ll post after this) but I don’t even remember the weeks in between the 1st and today.

I took a few more pictures today, because I love torturing you guys. No I’m just kidding; I need to save these pictures somewhere, and have everything documented for later in life. So you’re just unfortunate enough to have to look along with me as I go through it all.

Looking at the tree today was something amazing. It seemed like a scene from a movie or something. The sun shone brilliantly through the dazzlingly white flowers, all of which smelled like vanilla and cherry. It’s hard to believe that only three days ago the tree was just starting to pop open and already there is a blossom on the ground.

The first blossom to fall. I’m rather nervous about this. I mean the thing only really started opening up yesterday, and already flowers are falling off.


This picture really doesn’t do the tree justice. The blooms are clumped tightly together in bunches larger than my hands, and when the sun shines down on them they all seem to glow. I’ve never seen a tree like this before.

Here’s the second Tulip to start blooming. This yard just keeps the flowers coming. And just imagine what all of this will look like once the iris start to bloom!

I know this picture is crap, but I wanted to show it to you anyway. These are all of my Amaryllis starts. I’m surprised it took so little an effort to get them to grow roots. I know you’re supposed to put them in special soil and blah blah blah, but I’m just going to stick them in a combination of sand (which was have an abundance of due to the digging of the doggy septic tank) and compost dirt. If they don’t like it, too bad. That’s what they’re getting. But look! There’s over eight of them there! What am I going to do with eight Amaryllis starts for the next four years? That’s how long it takes before they’re ready to bloom and in turn be sold. I guess I’ll just stick them out in the green house until they’re ready to go.

I pollinated my Angel Wing Begonia (see yesterday for the odd white flowers). As I suspected, these new flowers are actually the female part. The other “plain” flowers are the males, and only contain pollen. I pulled one of the male flowers off and rubbed it all over the 6 female flowers stigmas. Not even five hours later and the flowers have all closed their petals back up. New female flowers are still continuing the normal cycle of opening but I’ll be interested to see what these pollinated flowers do. I’d be really surprised if I managed to get amaryllis starts AND Angel Wing Begonia starts.

My aunt got me another African Violet today. This one blooms red. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when the sun is back up. The African Violet population is now up to five in our house. Colors range from purple, to blue and white combo’s to red. One of them has got some flower stems on it again, so we should see it bloom soon. It’s the one I’ve got a picture of on the African Violet post.

One of them the cats ripped up MONTHS ago and it still hasn’t recovered all the way. They ripped it out of its pot and then chewed up all its roots. I stuck it back in the dirt and was really happy/surprised to see that it survived. Then about a month later, when it was finally starting to look healthy, they attacked it again and chewed up most of its leaves. It looks like it’s finally returned to normal, although some of the leaves have some fresh bite marks in them. I don’t even remember what color it blooms to be honest. Hopefully I can get it up to snuff soon.

Ok, this post is waaayyyy too long now, so I’ll stop writing and attempt to finish a large science project that’s due tomorrow but was only assigned today.