Yay, I’m done with that stupid test! Today’s prompt was even worse than yesterdays. No lie, people started laughing when they read it. It was ridiculously stupid and I almost couldn’t even write the damn thing. I had to BS all of it, and barely made it to four paragraphs. My intro-paragraph was only three sentences. After I was done, I think I was the first again, I got to finally sit down and actually get some good reading time in with Great Expectations. I’m only on chapter 7 (maybe 8) and I have to have it finished by the end of the quarter. Maybe I’ll read it tomorrow, since I’m not going to go to school. I know, I miss a lot of school. But all we’re doing tomorrow is doing an hour of drilling in our CPP (culminating project) class and then have periods 4, 5 and 6 for an hour each.

4 is history, and we all know that’s my least favorite class (mostly due to the teacher), 5 is LA and we haven’t been doing anything useful in there for about a week, and 6 is Journalism. I can’t do anything in there until I see Shutter Island, so all I’ve been doing in there is my homework for the past week. I played the Mario Game on the computer once because I was finished with my work, and the computer lady hacked into my computer and shut the game down. Her job is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. All she does all day is sit and watch what the kids are doing. She has this thing called Vision Client which allows her to watch everything you do, as well as take control of your computer and shut things down. Seriously annoying.

*pauses for a long while*

I don’t really have anything else to talk about lol. I didn’t do anything in class today; we didn’t do much in math, Spanish was also devoid of anything, and in Bio we finished a vid about genetic decoding. The Human Genome Project to be exact. It was interesting for the first day, and then everything got hypothetical so it wasn’t very interesting. I have a high C in Spanish. I really do want to learn how to speak Spanish, but it really is dificil. I CAN NOT make complete sentences to save my life, and all of the words that sound similar to those in English are making me spell things wrong. I can’t even think of an example right now but some of the words are almost exactly the same. And my teacher doesn’t make ANYTHING interesting. Ugh, all we do is sit there. I don’t have the attention span for that!

I guess my sister told my mom that she wants to spend the summer down with my dad. I don’t know exactly what all she said but basically she told me more than she told my mom. But she also talked to my mom about how she’d be nervous going to junior high instead of middle school, and how non-diverse the school will be compared to hers. The majority of the students up here are still white, but within the next two years it’s been estimated that we’ll be the minority. Currently at my school, the population is 54% white. The school down by my dads is like 75-80% white I think. I dunno, it doesn’t concern me so I don’t really care.