I finished my test in less than an hour. We had to write about an experience we had. Really cheesy second grade question too. Anyway, everyone else spent an hour writing freaking rough drafts and pre-writes and all that shit. I HATE pre-writes. Especially for things like this. But since only the final draft was being graded, I skipped the first two steps. I was the first person done haha, and I wrote 6 paragraphs even though only four were required. I basically made the essay like a blog post; I ran off on tangents about everything but they won’t care. I did what was assigned so if they don’t like it then too bad.

Fifth period was hysterical. I know that this will sound mean and all, but I feel I’m entitled to SOME level of teenage shenanigans, especially since I’m always trying to do good. So this girl F (I’ve mentioned her before but I don’t want to find the post; just know that we’re no longer friends) has a glancing/glaring problem I think. She will glance over at C, M, and I every three freakin seconds. Since the desks were arranged weird, C was the only one who could see her. She was already irritated from a problem with this one girl at lunch, so she wasn’t in the mood for F to look over at us. Finally I was like “you know what we should do? Make a code word so that every time she looks over we all turn around and look at her.” C decided on the word peaches.

F looked over so much that within 10 minutes I hated the word peaches. Plus I about broke my damn neck turning around to look at this girl every five seconds. Do any of you watch the Bad Girls Club? This one girl Natalie has quite a few sayings that my friends and I use, thanks to me. The most common one’s being, “I run LA,” “don’t be annoying!” (which I said to F quite often) and the latest “You good! You good! You good!” which is said in quick succession. I usually shout “you good!’ at M whenever she starts to get too riled up, so I told her to say it at F next time she looked over. Coincidentally F looked over within seconds and asked “what are you guys looking at?” PERFECT! M shouts “You good! You good!” at her and all three of us started laughing so hard we were in tears.

All three of us almost peed our pants we were laughing so hard. I’m not kidding. I didn’t even have to pee and I was about ready to wet myself. C is notorious for peeing her pants whenever she laughs too much, and M had been saying all period how she “had to piss like a donkey.” Yes, my friends are pretty classy, neh? F got up and stormed out of class 30 seconds later. It only made us laugh more because everyone though that M had done something to her. Which we really hadn’t. I mean we weren’t MEAN to her, we were only returning the glances she gave us. Anyway, my teacher had been standing right next to F and hadn’t even been aware that anything was going on because the rest of the class was being loud because she wasn’t teaching at the time. Once F got up and left 9and was out the door into the hallway) my teacher did the funniest face I’ve ever seen her make. Her eye’s got huge, her mouth opened wide in shock, but her lower lip kind of tightened and pushed upward at the same time. It was perfect and nearly sent us all over the top.


Now for something not so funny. While my sister and I were walking home from her school, a few younger boys (age 12) decided to ask if I was gay. It was an annoying thing, and I hate when people ask. Why would you ask? What difference does it make in YOUR life? How does my sexuality relate to you at all? But whatever, I ignored them. Better to ignore them and get on with my life then stand there and have some pointless argument. Plus talking to them opens things up for more problems. And they weren’t really being mean (although you could tell they meant to be little shit heads about it) so it wasn’t that big of a deal. They weren’t shouting rude comments at me; they just wanted to know if I was gay. Whatever no big deal. My sister didn’t see it that way. She asked me if they were talking about me, if only to give me some sort of comfort and make it seem like somehow they wouldn’t ask me even though a week or two ago they asked if I was a girl.

“Of course they’re talking about me, who else would they be talking about?” As soon as she was certain, she turned around and yelled at them. Which only opens things up for more trouble. She turned the argument into something fun and entertaining, so next time I walk by them I’m going to have to deal with it all again. She made some comment about how they could suck her dick, and how their tiny mouths wouldn’t even be able to fit it in. They all loved that and immediately started moving their hands in time with pushing their tongues into their cheeks to show that they wanted to suck her dick. They even SAID they wanted to. Stupid kids. Anyway, my sister only got more aggravated by this, which is why she shouldn’t’ve said anything because she really can’t argue intelligently sometimes. Usually people end up doing things like that whenever they argue with her.

Eventually, after a few more choice words from my sister, we made it home.

She went to the bathroom, per usual, and then came out semi laughing. “That’s why you don’t mess with a bitch on her period.” I guess she started hers today.