Ok I’m so so so so soooo sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I went to bed at EIGHT (can you beilieve it?) and didn’t really feel like posting. I haven’t gone to bed at eight in… god I don’t even know how long. Normally I’m up until midnight or later because I have to do my homework. And I don’t do my homework until after I post. And I don’t post until my mom is asleep/in bed which is 10 or later. So yea. I’d like to say I was thankful for getting… *attempts to quickly do easy math*… *fails and counts it out on the clock*… 9 hours of sleep. But I’m still as tired as I normally am. Anyway, you all should give me such a hard time, I haven’t missed a day of posting since January 25th.

We had testing today; the reading portion. Really easy and SUPER fast. Ridiculously so. We got a ten minute break ever forty minutes, and we seemed to have them both super quickly. Even our teacher was surprised. Want to know the sad thing about it? The HSPE went faster than my damn classes did. And it was a 2 hour and 40 minute test. FML. Here’s my bitchy thing about the test though: I ran out of time. I had literally four multiple choice problems left to do and I ran out of time. You get as much time as you need on the test, you just have to go with your teacher to this weird little room/walkway thing to finish.

So instead of my teacher giving me the MINUTE I needed to finish the questions, he took my test and my pencil and made me (and four other kids who didn’t finish) walk all the way across the school to the room/walkway. Then we had to wait in line for FIFTEEN minutes before they finally let us go sit down with our tests. It took me longer to put my back pack down, sit in the chair, open the test booklet and pick up my pencil then it did for me answer those four questions. I was pissed. Less than a minute after I sat down I stood back up, threw on my backpack, and walked out of the room. None of the teachers there found it funny that I had been done so quickly. I figured at least ONE of them would laugh at the fact that I had taken so little time when there were about forty other people crammed in who still had about four pages left to go.

I was even more mad at the fact that I was late to class. I ranted to both my first and second period teachers about it. Neither of them cared. It’s not like they’ve got anything else better to do; they should find what I’m saying VERY interesting. Rude. I’m not mad that I ran out of time, I’m mad that I wasn’t allowed to just finish it in class instead of having to waste my time and make a big deal about the whole process.

TAKE A LOOK AT THIS! (But avoid noticing how pale I am lol)


Buttercup just jumped on me and scratched the hell out of my neck. If you howl at her she gets really excited. I was bored so I howled at her, and this is what I get.

Oh and here’s the flower garden I made… two days ago.


It’s right behind the apple tree. Don’t ask me what all of the green stuff next to it is; I just know it’s some kind of bulb.