Ok, I’ll make this quick, since I REALLY don’t have anything to talk about today.

I woke up at 10, which turned out to really be 11. Watched a movie that I can’t remember lol. Watched another movie I can’t remember. Both of them I’ve seen a thousand times each. After that it was 3 so I decided I would go help my mom in the yard, who had just finished mowing the lawn. We only worked for an hour or two, but still managed to almost completely fill the yard waste been. It amazes me that it only takes a day of working out in the yard to fill that thing. I didn’t do much weeding, instead I removed several bulbs from a patch of the yard (pictures tomorrow when I get the camera back) and planted cosmos seeds. Then I went around the yard and collected rocks to make the patch look nicer. I think I succeeded.

While we were working we heard a lone frog in our neighbors yard. The sound of it only raised my desire to have my own croaking frogs. We don’t have enough cool places for the frogs to live at the moment though. Everything goes dormant during the winter and then doesn’t provide a lot of shade when it comes up for spring and summer. I’ll be fixing that soon enough. Oh! I do have a picture of something I did today!


Those (the large black things) are all of the seeds (I think) from my Amaryllis. This “floating” thing, is a method of germinating the seeds. I just hope that something will happen. But I’ll also have amaryllis coming out the wazzoo. I’ll sell them at the garage sale in a few years, when they’re large enough to bloom.

The new WASL in next week. It’s called the HSPE (High School Proficiency Exam) and it sounds really easy. All of the math stuff has been changed to 70% multiple choice, so basically you could guess on most of it and still have a fighting chance. I won’t need to know how to do very complicated math for my life (I KNOW I won’t) so I’m not too worried about working my butt of in math. Passing will do. I don’t remember what they did to the writing exactly but the reading is more multiple choice stuff also. Which is good because I’m a slow writer during tests. I always take more time then is given, unless it’s a two day testing thing, then I’m fine.

Ok well that’s all I’ve got. I’ll be surprised if I get comments on this. Oh speaking of comments, sorry I haven’t been reading your guys’ stuff lately. I promise that as soon as I get home tomorrow I’ll read through everything in my queue.