When writing a blog post there is one thing I ask myself. What did I do today? Well I did several things today, however not a one of them was interesting. So I must rephrase the question. What did I do today that was interesting enough to talk about? My list shortens significantly. The truth is (as I’m sure it was hard to guess) my life is boring. So I have nothing to blog about. And yet somehow I manage to write over 500 words for all of you everyday. I think the more spectacular thing though, is that I get over 30 views a day. I’m shocked every time I log in and find the stats of the day above 30 and to see comments waiting to be approved.

Speaking of comments; you might all be wondering why it is that your comment is waiting to be approved. I’m a comment junkie, plain and simple. I love logging in and seeing the orange box on the side of my screen, with a little white number in it, notifying me that I have comments. It makes my day. Lol, I’m easy to please. Give me an orange box of chocolates, and I’ll be in heaven.

Ok this is something completely random, but it really freaked me out. I was sitting here typing and all of the sudden, Sam starts howling. Except he’s asleep. He NEVER howls. And it wasn’t just a short little whine, it was a significant howl. Freaked the shit out of me. The only reason he woke up was because I turned my lamp all the way on. After he woke up he got off of the couch and laid down on the floor on the other side of the room. Now he’s twitching his feet, in an attempt to run. He runs A LOT in his dreams; almost every night actually. He’s not as bad as Bruno in Cinderella but it’s still clear what he’s doing. Really bizarre.

Speaking of Cinderella, I finally got to watch Alice in Wonderland (the Disney classic) today. It made me want to try drugs more than ever, hahaha. It also made me sad. They don’t even make Disney classics anymore. The only thing that should be even considered for a classic nowadays is Wall-E. Have you seen that movie? It’s sooooo sweet! Ok, now I know what I’ll be watching tomorrow, haha. My sister and I also watched The Black Cauldron, which is a really depressing, really CREEPY, Knights of the Round Table era, movie about a pig boy and an evil devil sorcerer creature. Supposedly it was my favorite movie as a kid, but now that I’ve watched it again, I can’t believe I ever liked it. Apparently I used to cry every time one of the characters would die. I feel sorry for my mom, who had to sit through hours of it lol. I guess it was based off of a book series, and I’m very tempted to look it up and read them.

Oh before I forget, here’s a picture of my newly arranged room.


Doesn’t it flow so nicely? I really like how it is right now, it makes my room seem really spacious. I think Buttercup has a camera-sense or something. She seems to always know when I’m going to take a picture. No lie, right as I was about to take the picture she comes walking into the shot, even though she had to get off the couch and come upstairs to do so. The sheets that are on my bed are the second round of sheets that were put on because of Buttercup. She is leaving messes EVERYWHERE. There are spots all over the hardwood floors, several on my blankets and sheets; there are even some on my jeans (acquired today) and the couch.

Before I moved everything, my bed was centered with the bay window, and my computer was right next to it on the left side of the bay window. My headboard cut off a lot of light, and made the bay window (and my room) seem a lot smaller. I didn’t think of taking a picture of it until after I had started moving things around. If I were to get up into the bay window, I would only need about an inch more room to stand up straight. It’s an enormous hole in the wall that makes my room VERY warm when it’s sunny. Especially since it’s on the southern side of the house, and is in direct sunlight from 2 until sun down. Luckily the two windows on the sides open outward, so that if there’s any breeze they catch it and bring it inside. It’s actually really nice when it’s warm enough to open them.

Oh AND I want to mention these two stories quickly before I’m done. So last night we fed the dogs some special, store bought, raw dog food that Buttercups breeder feeds to all of her dogs. Every time we’ve ever tried giving them the raw food we’ve had problems. Usually the dogs will all get diarrhea. This time Kira was throwing up ALL night. She threw up several times in my room (which woke me up and kept me awake for hours because I had to clean it all) as well as all over the floor downstairs. I let her out with all of the other dogs, but she wouldn’t do anything. And then two seconds after I let her in again she would puke. Sam had diarrhea again, and he was also throwing up. Buttercup was unaffected. This whole even took place between the hours of 4 and 6 in the morning. And for no reason at all, Lily (the brown cat) threw up in the hallway much later in the day.

Anyway, Albus (the white cat) is notorious for getting herself stuck on the other side of the fence of the neighbors who live behind us. She’s gotten herself over the fence before, and it’s only three feet tall because of how the ground is on the neighbor’s side, so it really isn’t hard to jump it (for normal cats) at all. When I came home yesterday, she was pacing back and forth like she always does, yowling her fool head off because she didn’t want to jump the three feet and get back into our yard. I just left her because she’ll usually get tired and jump the fence sooner or later. When I woke up at 4 in the morning to let Kira in, she was still out there yowling and pacing.

She was wet with dew and clearly tired, but still she would skitter away when I went to get her. She wasn’t scarred of me, she was rubbing up against the fence like she wanted to be pet; she just wouldn’t come close enough for me to grab her. As soon as she was close enough, I grabbed her whole head and picked her up that way. It was too early to be messing around and I was already annoyed from cleaning up barf. Once I got back inside, there were four fresh piles of vomit waiting to be cleaned up. Ain’t my life grand?