Fear not, this post will not be like last nights. It’ll be the normal, rant-y whiny junk I do everyday.

I rearranged my room today; I’ll post a picture tomorrow. I rather enjoy how I’ve done it too; there’s a lot more free space. Since I do believe in the effects of the flow of energy, I made an attempt at feng shui-ing my room. The way everything fits best in my room is the way I have it all now. Turns out, this arrangement is also completely opposite of what all the sites and charts say about feng shui. So I decided to ask a resource that has rarely let me down in the area of energy work, my mother, over dinner. According to her, my bed is in the area of money, my bay window (filled with plants) is my fame, and my friendship area (or something similar) is occupied by my large wardrobe (aka a closet lol).

The first thing she told me though, was that my bay window was my fame. It’s filled with plants so that makes sense. But the way I’ve positioned my bed; the length of it lies right in front of the bay window. So jokingly I asked if I was “in bed” with my fame. My mother, being the smart ass she is (but still being truthful/factual) replied that my bed was actually in the money area. That made us all laugh. And then the inside joke thing that my sister didn’t quite catch (because I’m not “out” with her), was the fact that my friendship/relationship area was occupied by a closet. If that doesn’t have a clear meaning I don’t know what does lol.

We didn’t really get far with things after that, and since we were out having Thai (we like Thai around here), it wouldn’t’ve mattered much anyway. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to talk more, and move my room around some what. Even though this arrangement really does allow for maximum use of space, as well as natural lighting. *yawn* I didn’t get my nap in today (I’ve been napping for about three hours everyday after school as soon as I get home) so I’m a little tired. Wanna know why I didn’t get my nap in? my damn dogs, that’s why. Wanna know what they did? They chewed through the hose on the toilet so that it started leaking and spraying water everywhere. That’s what I came home to today, a sopping wet bathroom floor. The dog bed was SOAKED and the water was creeping slowly over the hardwood floor to my mom’s bed, dresser, and closet.

I didn’t even have time to strangle the dogs, I just quickly took down the baby gates (we use baby gates instead of just shutting the door because they, clearly, would shred up the door) through the dogs outside, and ran back to the bathroom grabbing towels along the way. I shut off the water going to the toilet, and then threw about five towels down to quickly soak up the water. I picked up the dog bed and threw that into the shower. I also threw in the throw rug that my mom has, which was dripping wet. The towels were soaked, and there was still more water on the ground, so I threw the wet towels in the shower with everything else, and then went for more. Finally I got the hardwoods semi dry, so I called my mom. She instructed me to get a fan to help dry of the floors, so I went and set that up and then continued drying things off.

Almost 8 hours later and the hardwoods are still wet. I could kill those dogs sometimes, I really could.