I was a bit of a nuisance again today. Not so much as yesterday though. Forgive me if my writing style sounds a bit different at the moment; I just finished reading about 4 chapters of The Catcher in the Rye. Whenever I read a book, I tend to switch my dialect to match that of the books. I don’t know why exactly, I just do. I even switch my way of thinking for an hour or two sometimes. I’ll start thinking in a British accent, or only in rhyme, or using a larger vocabulary. I’m weird like that. Anyway, the reason I was reading The Catcher in the Rye was because it’s our new class book. So what’s my reading list at the moment? Finish Great Expectations, The Catcher in the Rye, and Practical Magic which I started ages ago but wasn’t allowed to read for school so I never got farther than chapter three. I’ve also got to read All Quiet on the Western Front. We watched the movie based on the book last week I think.

AND I still need to read Inkdeath which came out months ago. There was one other book I had to read… oh well, you can tell I have a lot to sink my teeth into at the moment. Anyway, I’m supposed to find quotes in The Catcher in the Rye to explain the symbolism of certain objects. Except I can’t find ANYTHING. I’m usually pretty good about picking things out from the text, but I really couldn’t find a damn thing about his stupid red hunting cap. Or his brothers baseball glove. I’m sure it’ll be obvious once someone points it out to me, but until then I’m lost.

Oh so anyhow, about my day. Not much happened at school. Just sort of walked around and waited for the day to be finished. Except once I got home, Buttercup made a mess of my bed. She’s in heat at the moment, which means I’ve got a few stains on my sheets from her. But I wanted to take a nap SO bad, so I lay down on the couch. But all of the freaking dogs kept bugging me; I just wanted to sleep! I kept having to get up and let them in and out and in and out. And then right as I let them out again, my mom and sister came home. But I wanted to nap still, so I went back upstairs before they got in the door, turned off my light and laid back down. My dumbass sister gets in the door and immediately starts shouting, and then waltzes right over and turns on my light and starts to try to talk to me.

I’m trying to sleep damn it. So I grumpily lifted my head and told her to turn off the light and that I was trying to nap. I wanted to get up and smack her, but I was too tired so I didn’t. lol. Then my mom comes up, and brings the whole pack of dogs with her. Then she sits down right next to me and leans in kiss my cheek, but she was mean about it because she had all the dogs. So everyone was shoving their faces in to get at my mom, and they were stomping all over me, and my mom was shouting at them all excited like. I would’ve loved to shout something along the lines of “I’m trying to freaking sleep here, can’t you do that shit somewhere ELSE?” but I don’t swear around my mom, because I’m a good little child and so she made me really irritated and got me all woken up because I had been trampled by the dogs. Freakin’ annoying.

After about half an hour I fell asleep again, but that didn’t last long. I woke up and my sister had just plugged in Cinderella. We like to watch Disney movies around here lol. So I sat down and watched Cinderella, and then once it was done I went and put my sheets in the washing machine. I felt very graceful while I was doing it too. I was humming and moving very poetically, just because I felt like it. I like to do that sometimes, just walk around and hum and move gracefully. No one notices, because I rarely do it in front of people. I can be quite graceful sometimes. I’ve been told I walk very nicely, and “walk up the stairs gracefully.” I don’t do it on purpose or anything; it’s just how I walk. Anyway, it’s late and I need more sleep lol. Reading over this, it sounds VERY similar to The Catcher in the Rye. Sorry about that.