So what’s it about?: We are given a second glimpse into Alice’s life at her current age of 19. She is asked to marry a man she does not love and throughout the engagement party she see’s a white rabbit running around. She eventually falls down the rabbit hole and ends up at the small door which she cannot fit through. Things got “curiouser and curiouser” as the movie continued. The entire movie was given the theme something along the lines of “don’t live your life to please other’s.”

The good: Johny Depp did an amazing job playing the Mad Hatter, like spectacular. The woman who played Alice was also good at her role; Mia Wasikowska is her name. They both did an excellent job at telling the story, and watching this continuation of Wonderland made me REALLY want to read the books. Also, Tim Burton did a fantastic job at portraying Wonderland. Although I haven’t read the books, he put just enough of an edgy/creepy/gruesome factor into the movie that made it seem as if it would be in the book.

The bad: I didn’t like how Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb were portrayed. They seemed a little bit too much like the son in the Adams Family. Also! The thing that had me most irritated during the movie? They only played ONE song from the soundtrack, and it was the theme song. They played it through the ENTIRE film. Why make this “soundtrack” with 17 songs on it, and then not use any of them in the actual movie? It really irritated me because I was looking forward to seeing how they played into the movie. Also, the cheshire (sp?) cat was blue, and not purple. And I didn’t like how his character was portrayed. He didn’t seem quite as crazy as he should’ve been.

The verdict: Certainly a movie to go and see. I don’t know that I’d bother with 3D though because there didn’t really seem like there was that much that could’ve been done with it. I liked that the movie had a clear message that it was trying to send, so that was a bonus and seemed to give it that Disney effect. I definitely recommend you go and see this sometime.