I’m going to write this post out now, before I go and see Alice and Wonderland. Supposedly we’re going to go and see it tonight, so expect a review of it! Anyway, guess what I found out? That girl who was talking a bunch of shit yesterday? The one I told you about? Turns out she had brought a knife to school yesterday with the intent to stab C (a diff C) my friend C and A. Let me just say right now, I don’t care if she had a knife, if she stabbed any of us, she would’ve been LAYED out. Our group would’ve FLATTENED her. She had threatened to kill the other C. Yeah, bitch would’ve gone down. Anyway, she’s been expelled. I don’t know if the other C is going to press charges, but I would. She could go to jouvy for that. PLUS she moved up here so that she WOULDN’T go to jouvy. Hahaha, I’d be happy to send her there.

So anyhow, today was really boring other than that little piece of info. I had a Spanish test today and that was literally the only reason for my going to school today, every other class period was a waste of time. I think I got a D on the test, which is a high score for me. Normally I get exactly 50% or less; I’m not good at Spanish lol. I went in before school to talk to my teacher about my poem, AGAIN. She missed the metaphors, so I pointed them out. I got TWO more points. Wow. She said I can turn it in on Monday if I make my irony more apparent. URGH.

Once I finally got to her class during the day (I have her fifth period) she had us read a short Greek poem about war. Then we had to compare it to another poem. After that we were allowed to read our poems to the class if we wanted to. Since nobody volunteered (I was only going to read mine if I was asked) she went to the A students of the class first. I wasn’t one of them. Finally one of them decided to read his. My teacher called on him with enthusiasm (since his poem was about her) and he made a big show of not wanting to read. He read it. Everyone liked it. It was about how boring Language Arts is, and how our teacher tortures us with books like Lord of the Flies and Frankenstein.

Once he was done, she needed to find someone else. She listed off a few of the… under achievers, and then finally picked me. I read it. People clapped, if only because it was expected. You do know that when you listen to poetry you’re supposed to snap right? Whatever. I talked to a few of my other friends who I have in journalism the period after. They said my poem was good, and better than a C. I’m glad someone I see daily thinks so. Because as much as I love you all, it’s just not the same reading it from you as it is hearing it.


*After the movie*

What the fuck people. You know all of those commercials about NOT talking while watching a movie? They put those in there for a REASON. The reason is, you are NOT supposed to talk during a film. Do that at home. Don’t come to a theatre just so you can talk through the whole thing. While the actual movie started up, people just kept talking and talking, and it was like half the damn theatre, not just one group. I was really irritated. And then the lady next to us had the most annoying laugh, and she would laugh at the March Hair who was completely insane. Every time he twitched or spazed out, she would laugh hysterically in her smoker laugh. Drove me nuts. And then the guy on the OTHER side of me, wrinkled his popcorn bag every four seconds just for the fun of it! I honestly don’t think I ever saw him take any popcorn out. People, don’t go to the movies unless you plan on sitting quietly and actually watching in SILENCE!