So today was pretty boring. Just blah. How many times have I said almost those exact words on a post? Anyway, when I came home, I was alone. I had to stay after for Journalism but I only stayed for maybe 45 minutes. My sister didn’t come home until about 4, and she was only here for less than an hour. One of her friends was going to come over, but since she didn’t call her within 20 minutes of my sister being home, my sister made other plans and left. What ever.

Oh something of note! I clean the fish tank today! It was absolutely disgusting! Take a look.

Yea, sorry fish. They’re sitting in the same green water at the moment (in a seperate container), because I have to wait for their tanks water to evaporate the chlorine out. I’m debating just throwing them in, because at the moment they aren’t getting much oxygen. They’re hardy fish though, so I think they’ll be ok. It didn’t take me that long to clean, but I refined my way of doing it. Usually I’ll drain all the gross water out, then I’ll scrub the walls, and then I rinse it and scrub it again. Then I have to clean the rocks. Instead I left all of the nasty water in, scrubbed the walls so that I only had to rinse once, and then went over the rocks quickly. It took me about an hour and a half I think. Maybe less. But I know it was at least 45 minutes faster than my normal cleaning times, and it was a lot dirtier than it’s ever been.

And here is a photo of my dying amaryllis flower.

It’s been in bloom for about… two weeks now? But it’s got another flower stalk still so it’ll bloom again before its growing season is over.

Ok, now to the meat of my post. You all know my house is a place filled with paranormal activity right? Well we’re pretty sure that the “portal” (place where the ghosts/beings/spirits come through to “our side”) is at the base of my stairs. Tonight I had a visitor. I was sitting calmly at my desk, replying to all the comments, when all of the sudden Kira starts growling. I really do love that dog; she’s the only one who see’s the “visitors” as we like to call them. Anyway, all of the sudden she starts growling. I assumed it was directed at buttercup, but it was more of a growl then a playful thing so I turned around to check. Yep, she was growling directly at my staircase.

Wonderful. I’m home alone (I’m still home alone by the way), and there’s a ghost sitting on my staircase watching me. Kira got up and walked over to the staircase. I think she scared it off, because I felt them leave while she walked toward it. She went and sat at the top of my staircase and growled for a few more seconds and then was fine. So that means the “visitor” either left or went down into the rest of the house. I went downstairs a few minutes later and got some water, then went over to the fireplace to turn down the fan. There’s been a little girl who stands at the end of the hall, just outside my mom’s door, and although I didn’t see her, I definitely felt something while walking past the hall.

Not even two steps into the dinning room (where the bookshelves are) and all of the hair on my hands stood up. Yea, my house is kind of active. Last night when I was falling asleep, there were a bunch of blue orbs flashing by the top of the staircase. *sigh* I know I wanted a witches house, but I don’t think that includes all the “visitors”. You don’t need “visitors’ to even have a witch’s house! Oh well, hopefully they go away and we can just have a semi normal house. I mean, I don’t mind them like every few months, but we seem to get them ALL THE TIME. And it’s new ghosts! It’s not just the same people over and over; we get new ones all the time. They just pass through.

Oh! You remember the poem I wrote Friday? My teacher is grading them tonight and tomorrow and she said that there was a poem competition through the public library system. If she recommends that I enter, I think I will. All you win is a $25 gift card to a book store, but you get to have a bunch of people read your poem, plus you get to go and read it to the poetic community, AND you get it published in a book. I doubt I’ll win, but I think it’d be fun. It’d definitely look good on my transcripts. I’ll definitely re-edit the poem though, so everything flows and the beat matches.