My friend C (I wrote a post about her sometime in the beginning of January) has been having some drama lately. Some very stupid drama in my opinion. She likes a guy (you can tell already how this is going to go) whose name is L. She also like a guy named S. L is her “fall back guy” even though she won’t admit it. Anytime she likes someone, she’ll go be with that other guy, and then when she’s done with him (or him with her) she goes back to L. L is tired of that. He wants to be more than friends already, and he’s kind of entitled to since she’s been jerking him around. C doesn’t.

Today she ended up crying over the whole situation. Which I find really stupid. She’s worried that she’s “going to loose her best friend.” Sometimes you just need to refresh your friends; people come and go, you can’t expect all friendships to last. She doesn’t seem to apply that concept to this relationship. Now, I know I’ve never been in a relationship, and I really have no idea how one feels in these situations, but from what I can tell, it’s all stupid. I don’t see the point. Maybe one day when I’m in love, I’ll understand. But I don’t think I’ll make the mistakes she’s making.

The problem with teenagers today, is that they care too much about the little unimportant things that make up their “reputation.” You know what happens when you stop caring about what others think, and decide to live your life? You become liberated and freed from the system. You can take a look at everyone else, who are all in some sort of a tizzy over something, and realize that what they’re stressing over isn’t a major part of their LIFE. Not their life as in that moment, but their life in the grand scheme of things. Just because so-and-so said this about you to that person, doesn’t mean you need to go and fight them. What does fighting do? It gets you expelled from school, ruins your grades and “ups your street cred.” Stupid.

All of my friends are so caught up in being the badest bitch on the block, that they aren’t really doing anything for their future selves, or their future children for that matter. A lot of my friends have all said that they’re going to teach their kids to fight. WHY? That’s not going to solve anything! If you teach your kids to be smart, respectful people, then you wouldn’t have to worry about them fighting! This is why hormones are stupid.

Looking at all of this from a scientific stand point, you can see the reasons behind the need to fight. Teenagers need to fight for the right to mate, to claim territory, and to set themselves apart from the rest of the group, thus raising their standings in the eyes of the world. If a teen get’s in a fight, it’s usually because a) someone was “talking shit” or b) their significant other likes someone else and so the person they’re trying to get with should be punished.

First of all, who cares that that person is talking about you? You’re giving them all the power when you let them get under your skin and bug you. Second of all, if your significant other is trying to go off with someone else, then clearly your relationship was doomed anyway and the person that you should be mad at (even though you shouldn’t really be mad) would be your significant other. They’re the ones who are choosing to leave, they aren’t being put under some spell by the other person they’re trying to get with; it’s their conscious decision.

I find all of it, everything that causes “drama” to be a HUGE waste of energy. Go read a book, finish your math homework, have a good time; do something productive for crying out loud. Stop wasting your youth on trivial things that won’t benefit you whatsoever later in life. This is the reason why I don’t go hang out with people after school, or have many friends. I’m not interested in being a teenager. I’d much rather skip ahead to my late 20’s and stay at that age for ten years instead of suffering through the trouble of high school.

On a random note.

No no no no no no no no! NO!!! Buttercup has decided to start doing the humping thing that Kira did. She did it for the first time tonight, and tried to use Kira instead of a fluffy bone. I cannot go through this again people! HELP!