Well crap. My whole post is shot to hell now lol. I’m at 96 views which is my highest ever. I have no idea where all of these views came from. But I like it! Ok, I’ll try to write this thing out normally now, ready?

Today I went to a nursery; don’t ask me which one cuz I couldn’t tell you the name. All I know is that it starts with an E. Anyway, the only reason we went there today was for potatoe starts, and THAT WAS IT. But come on; I mean really. This is me we’re talking about. You think I was able to go there and ONLY get potato starts? NO. We spent little over $90 there. We bought several ground covers, 2 mini iris, and another honey suckle (even though we already have two and we have two OTHER vines PLUS two wisteria.) AND we got some rosemary, I think we got some lavender too, but we did definitely get an orchid. That makes a total of 8 orchids in my house. Oh and we got a gum plant. The plant that they make gum out of? Yea, that’s now in my yard. It tastes really good and I guess so does the berry.

I know you can’t really see it, but here’s the picture I took of the orchid.

The roots are about three feet long, and there’s NO soil. The plant has rooted itself to a few wooden slats. Beautiful. We’ll be hanging it in the other shower as soon as we get a hook installed in the ceiling.

The guys (oddly all of the workers there were guys) all seemed to have a good understanding of plants. I’ve been some places where they only ever have one specialist on site and then everyone else is basically a drone, just there to take your money. But all of these guys actually CARED about the plants. One of them even gave us a grand tour of the place, taking us into some of the back rooms where all of the little starter plants were and where they seeded the tomato plants. It was really neat. He had to move some things around while we were in there and he called the tomato starts his “little babies.” I’d fit in nicely hahaha. He even told me a little bit about Amaryllis, which was helpful. I had no idea that there bulbs got so big. I can’t wait till mine finishes making it’s seeds. I’ll definitely sell starts at the garage sale.

I think I’d like to apply for a job there. I mean, the guys were nice, and unless my gaydar’s broken, I’m pretty sure 90% of them were gay. Plus they were hilarious. And they talk about plants the way I talk about plants lol. When I was walking out with the orchid, the guy who showed us around said goodbye to it. Hahaha. The one who helped us check out was cute and funny too. He laughed at me because I was holding the cat that they have, and the damn thing jumped out of my arms which freaked me out. Plus I knew that he (the cat) wasn’t going to make the jump, which he didn’t, so my eye’s got huge and my mouth dropped open and yea. In case you didn’t know, I have quite a few facial expressions and they’re all rather funny. I don’t do it intentionally, I just look funny. Lol.

So basically there wouldn’t be a downside to working there. I would get paid to hang out with cute, funny guys for 4 hours a day after school, plus I would get to be surrounded by plants in a nursery. It’s like a dream come true lol. I wonder if they have an employee discount. That would be awesome. Then I really would have a jungle for a room.

That cat was funny too. He wasn’t neutered (which all of the guys felt the need to point out; “he has the biggest oogls I’ve ever seen on a cat”) so he smelled of cat urine, and was clearly in the mood to mate. He yowled like he was a female cat in heat, which was really annoying. Plus he followed us around everywhere. He even bit my moms toe so she would pet him! Lol. I squatted down to pet him and he just climbed right up into my lap like he’d always done it. He was VERY forward. Basically I carried him around after that. Until he jumped… and then I wouldn’t pick him up after that lol.

Oh and we didn’t get any bark for the yard today. My aunts truck wouldn’t start (it’s rather old) so she couldn’t haul any of it anywhere. Oh well; I clearly kept myself busy for the day.And before I forget, here’s a “beginning” photo of my other amaryllis. It just popped open the flower pod thing yesterday, so I wanted to show you how quickly it’s moving. The flower stalk on this one, for whatever reason, is almost two feet tall, and is at least five inches taller than the other one.