I figured that today I could just sit back and relax a little. I’ve been doing more physical activity in the yard the past few days then I have in the past seven years anywhere else. It’s ridiculous. I sleep and I sleep and then when I wake up, I’m still tired! I think I’d like to try some of that plant that Juliet drank in order to make herself seem dead for a day. I wonder if that would help, or if it would make me even more tired?

So anyway, all I did today was weed in between the strawberries and the raspberries. I showered before hand but I didn’t do my hair (because why would I get prettied up to bury my face in the dirt?) and then it started getting warm out so I came inside. Ok, so maybe it was only 60 out, I was warm lol. I came in and played Sims and that was it. After about three hours I felt bad about being inside so I went back out and finished the row. By then the sun was setting, and since it looked so beautiful, I had to take some pictures.

I wish you could’ve seen it in person; these pictures don’t do it justice. Isn’t that shade of orange magnificent though? 

Oh I did actually manage to do something I said I was going to. I took pictures of the other orchid that is going to bloom.


My aunt got this for me sometime last year and the only thing I know about it is that it’s called “scent of woman.” When I got it it was done blooming but it still smelled heavenly. I can’t wait until it’s got flowers! Incase your a little lost, the flower stalk is the new bit of growth peeking up from in between the leaves. Just to the left of dead-center.


I finally got to go and get new jeans today. The pair I have are too short (my mom calls them “hairy high-waters”) so I went to Old Navy to get new ones. Except now I’m at a weird height and width place so no one carries my size. My waist is 30 but I’m a 34 in length. No one makes those. A 32 waist is too big; I can yank the jeans right off even when they’re buttoned and zipped up, but they’re the closest size to me and there isn’t such a thing as 30×34 jeans. So I was screwed. And it was really annoying because they’re having a sale where all of the jeans are $20. But since they didn’t have my size, we left.

We went to the Nordstrom Rack which was just inside the mall. I got two jeans from there, both fitting rather nicely. Except that they cost $100 each. How is it that Old Navy can sell their jeans for $20 but Nordstrom’s cost $100? Wtf. I was really irritated about it. I’d honestly rather go buy a roll of denim and make my own damn jeans. At least then I’d KNOW they’d fit.

I thought it was kind of funny though. My sister and my mom are both dressed nicely and I’m still in my dirt covered, high-water jeans and my not-so-white, working-in-the-yard jacket. Plus my hair was a mess. I’m the worst dressed gay you will ever meet lol. I just don’t care went it comes to how I look. The way I see it, if I was going to meet the guy of my dreams, he wouldn’t care what I looked like. So I walked around the mall looking like a dirt covered mess lol. Eh, oh well. The jeans I got look really good on me, so that’s all that matters.