Here is a short test I have created to give me a better understanding of how well I captivate an audience. I thank the two of you who will actually take this. Lol.

Please number down to 17 in the comments. Write the letter or yes or no when applicable. If you do not know the answer, please leave it blank. Please choose the best answer for the multiple choice part of the test. Give your best answer for the short response portion. Test’s that are less than 25% complete will not be scored.

Multiple choice/ yes or no questions.

  1. When did I get buttercup?   A) the first of September   B) the first of November   C) the first of October
  2. What nationality am I?   A) Greek   B) Italian   C) Norwegian
  3. How many pets do I have?   A) 8   B) 7   C) 5
  4. During December, what day did I move?   A) 25th   B) 27th   C) 29th
  5. What major threat was issued to me last year during school hours?   A) rape   B) murder   C) a severe beating
  6. I am…   A) Atheist   B) Christian   C) Catholic
  7. Roughly how many plants are currently in my room? (The number has not changed drastically since the last time I mentioned it)   A) 27   B) 36   C) 44
  8. How old is Sam?   A) 9   B) 11   C) 7
  9. My least favorite class at the moment is…   A) Spanish   B) Language Arts/ English   C) World History
  10. Are there at least three plants blooming in my house right now?   Yes   No

Short answer responses.

11. When was I born?

12. What are my two favorite berries?

13. Where is the attic in my house located?

14. What is my favorite house plant? Or at leas the one I’m most excited about?

15. How do I feel about my neighbors?

16. What small tradition do I have with my neighbors?

Bonus Question

17. What is my real name?

You have now completed the test. Please close your test packet and return all utensils to your teacher. You may not talk with other class mates about the test. Your test results will not be shared with anyone; they will simply be averaged with the rest of the class for statistic purposes.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!