We had a bomb threat at my school today. Someone called during third period and said that there was a bomb on the campus. One of the office people or someone pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building. It’s western Washington people, it rains A LOT here and it’s always cold. We stood out in the wet and cold for about 20 minutes before they came and told us that this wasn’t a fire drill (because at that point we still had no idea what was going on) and that we needed to move to our second fire drill spot, which is out on the muddy field. I swear, if I get a cold, I’m going to be maaaad.

Finally, after a freakin’ HOUR they let us in. The police had to come and search the entire school and they found nothing. Unfortunately, for whoever called, they had the person’s phone number and whatever information you can get from that. Hahahaha, if they get caught (which they probably will) it’s a several thousand dollar fine that they have to pay.

Since it was during third period, that meant I was with my favorite teacher, Mrs. C. She was pissed lol. She’s going to Hawaii today for her birthday so she was mad that her hair was going to be ruined. Then she wanted to have a girl-group during lunch because she wants to teach girls how to “train their men.” Ahahaha, I was dying. She’s like “women really do control everything. We pick who we breed with, we set the trends for things etc. Ladies, all who have to do is not allow guys to be jerks. If a guy ever said “eh bitch com’er” to me those would be fighting words.” LMFOA. I was practically in tears. She also said that there were some very nice guys, and pointed out a few in the class. I was on the list 😀

The topic relating to the title of this is unrelated to all of that ^ stuff though. My sister called my dad up and was talking to him for a good twenty minutes once she got home. So after she was done I went down to see whether she was still going to move down there and if she was going down for next week. She said she was unsure and that she wasn’t. Then she asked if I would miss her, which I don’t know that I would. It would take like four months for me to start to miss her, and even then I don’t know that it would bother me lol.

I told her no, but that’d she’d probably turn into a douche while she was down there because of the new friends she would make. Her friends are all dumbasses now, so I can’t imagine the people she’ll befriend when she doesn’t have any. But my sister has friends everywhere, how could I forget that? She’s got at least a dozen friends at the school she would go to, and their not that bad. Anyway, then she said “at least I don’t have people talking about me behind my back” like she was somehow better than me. For some odd reason, this kinda ticked me off.

I was like “who? I don’t care if your friends are talking shit.” “They’re not my friends; they’re people in high school” again said with an attitude that rubbed me the wrong way. But of course she wouldn’t tell me who they were so I was like “oh well, they’re probably not my friends.” Then, after a pause, I said “That just means I’m hot shit. I’m at a higher level than you because I have my own hate group. You’re down at the level where everyone thinks you’re alright but I’m so fucking amazing that people are jealous of me.” Lol. I’m such a bitch.