Nothing really happened today; just regular, old school. I’ve been trying to stay motivated during the day, because usually all I can think about is going to sleep. I don’t actually ever do anything afterschool, I just stay up late for no reason. I don’t start my homework until WAYYYYY late at night (usually around 10) so I’m not in bed until 11 at the earliest. Doing my homework that late means I’m not focusing on learning from my homework, and because I’m so tired the next day, I hardly ever pay attention in class. I had breakfast before school for the first time since… elementary school? It was just a bowl of cereal but it kept me full all day. Which reminds me, I still have half a sandwich in my lunch box.

My grades are ridiculously low (I have a C average) and I would really really really like them to be at, at least, a high B average. I say I want to be this wise old man when I grow up, but so far I’m just being stupid. And there isn’t an excuse for it. I come home and I waste several hours of my day doing… nothing. I honestly couldn’t tell you what I did after school yesterday, at least from 3 to 6; they’re completely unaccountable hours. Today I went out in the yard again thankfully. But I got tired quickly and decided changing the water on the hummingbird feeder would be enough for one day.

I’ve been having a streak of bad luck also. I manage to break something almost everyday and today it was an old lawn ornament that belonged to my mom. It was a woman’s face with a rose under her chin, the rose was wrapped in her hair so that there was more support. Well I moved it to get to a box that had another hummingbird feeder in it, and I set it down too hard I guess because the rose and hair on the bottom half of the ornament broke off. Just wonderful. The other day I broke a vacuum seal bag, literally seconds after my mo had finished vacuuming it down. It wasn’t my fault, my mom should’ve know not to have me try and put it away.

And on top of all of this, I feel like my IQ is going down everyday. I couldn’t tell you the name of the rams that live up in the mountains, the ones with the huge horns that curl around. I had to actually stop and think what about what kind of bird a hummingbird is while I was writing the paragraph above. I’m second guessing everything I know about the English language, and I’ve had to pause and reread the phrasing of a lot of my sentences on here to make sure they were correct.

I could use some rest. I would love to sleep for several hours, and then lock myself in a small room with no windows, filled with books so I could catch up on my reading. I haven’t read a book since… almost two months ago. I used to read every other second of the day. I used to get in trouble for reading too much in class! But now I barely even touch my books. I still love them, I just don’t read them.

Ok I’ve got to go water my plants now. For whatever reason they’ve been sucking up water a LOT lately. I’ve got to water them almost twice a week. And I SOAK all of them when I have the time so it’s not like I’m under-watering them. They just drink it up so quickly I’m having trouble keeping up with them. Which is, again, odd because I used to thoroughly inspect all of my plants. I’d go turn over every leaf, touch the dirt, and shake the pot to make sure the plant was sturdy. I was seriously OCD about them and then suddenly I stopped paying attention.

Things of note: My purple pitcher plant had a new pitcher on it! It’s just a tiny little thing but it’s grown a quarter of a centimeter since yesterday. It’s the little pink/white line right next to/ on top of the large green one.

Also, when my first amaryllis bloomed I tried my hardest to pollinate it. I’ve done this before with everything else that’s ever bloomed but nothing ever takes. I’ve got some fairly large pods where my flowers used to be though so I’m a little excited. If the plant does successfully reproduce then I’ve got four more amaryllis that I have no idea what to do with. I’ll be happy if it does though. Here’s a look at them.