Luckily I didn’t have to clean my dad’s car out today. I got out of it because I told him that I’d already cleaned out my mom’s car before (which I have) so he didn’t make me clean his car too. Today was kind of random. I got up and got in the shower and as I stepped out of the bathroom the first thing my dad says is, hey do you wanna go look at some cars? I didn’t get too excited because I had a feeling he wasn’t going to go buy me one, but I said sure, that’d be fine and then went and finished getting ready. He asked if I thought that would be alright and I said “sure, I guess” with a big ol’ grin on my face so he knew I was kidding.

I brushed my teeth and then we went to a respectable used-car dealership. I want something that isn’t too small but not a monster truck either (which is what my dad would have me drive.) I want it to have good gas mileage because I WILL NOT drive a gas guzzler. I’d rather not have a car and walk everywhere then have a car with horrible gas mileage. Sorry to disappoint people but I actually like the ozone.

We found something that fit the profile (and it looks decent) so we did got in it and the dealer turned it on and I got to sit in it and blah blah blah. It was an Equinox. Did we buy it? Nope. It was a decent price too, plus my dad (who’s a business man and loves to barter) was going to get it knocked down about 4 thousand dollars, so that it would’ve been around $8,000. The sales man knocked it down 2K just because my dad has bought his last twelve cars there. It had 75,000 miles on it, had front wheel drive and was an 06 I think. I really liked it.


That’s the best picture I have of it( it’s the blue one, dead center). It even has a sun roof! I honestly would’ve been happy to drive it off the lot but my dad wanted to go look around elsewhere. We found the exact same car (minus the sun roof) with 4 wheel drive for $22,000. After viewing four different dealerships, the first one was still my favorite.

My dad’s started referring to my car (whatever we choose to get) as “her” and also my “first girlfriend.” More like my first and only girlfriend, lol. Honestly, why does every inanimate object have to be a woman? And why is it one must always be in a relationship with it? Just because some people have sex IN the car, doesn’t mean they’re having sex WITH the car.  He just texted me “…we better think about her, maybe we need to keep looking for your girlfriend lol.” Oh the things my father says.

*20 minutes later*

Well now that I’ve done some research and read some reviews, the car sounds like it’s got some problems. People complained about there being a lot of blind spots which is weird because I felt like I could see everything when I was sitting in it. There was also a lot of complaint about the brakes though which I don’t really care for. Not being able to brake will seriously freak me out. I guess we’ll just have to keep looking.

You know, it’s funny. I hate how much attention I’m getting because I’m 16 and am old enough to get my license and can get a job and blah blah blah. But that’s all I seem to be able to blog about at the moment. I promise, I will stop talking about all of this within the next few days. Unless my dad tells me I’m getting the car, in which case I will be talking about all of this for weeks. You have been warned.