It’s my sweet sixteenth birthday today! Get out the streamers, break out the boo’s, lets have some fun! Hahaha yea right. Know what I did today?  I drove for over an hour to get to my Papa’s lake property.

Isn’t the view wonderful? Yea but once I got there; my dad decided that he wanted to mow the lawn. Then since my sister and I weren’t doing anything, he decided I needed to edge the lawn by hand. So he gave me a pair of freaking scissors and I had to go around the edge of the grass, on my hands and knee’s, and trim every freaking little blade that stuck out of line. The first thing that popped into my head was “where’s Edward scissor hands when you need him? I really need to get that boys number.” About five minutes later I was thinking “This guy (my dad) have better have gotten me a fucking car because this is some bullshit.”

So then I had to drive the hour back home. It’s official, I’m perfectly able to drive in a straight line!

Aren’t you all so proud? *waits patiently for applause* yes, yes, thank you. Anyway, after that we came home. We finally pull into the driveway and my dad gets out of his big bulky truck (which I can’t stand driving) and say’s to me “Alright tomorrow you’re going to detail my truck. You’re going to clean the entire inside. If we hadn’t taken it to the car wash yesterday, I’d make you wash it. If you’re going to have a car I want you to know how to take care of it. Having a car is a big responsibility.” I just looked at my sister like “what the fuck.”

My sister thought he was going to give me his truck when he started talking but that didn’t happen. Once we were inside I just sat around thinking of ways my dad could pull off getting a car to the restaurant without my noticing. The place is called Sakura’s. We’ve been going there for years and I absolutely love it. I found out tonight that you actually get TWO soups and TWO rice bowls as part of your dinner. They give you one to start out with, but you can ask for the second free of charge. *winks* but you didn’t hear that from me.

My cousin and her fiancé arrived late so I wondered if one of them hadn’t brought my present over, since supposedly I’m only getting one from my dad. They hadn’t though. Oh and FYI, Sakura’s serves A LOT of food. So you’re literally eating from the minute they give you the appetizer soup, till you pay the check. I just kept looking over at them (while gorging myself) wondering if they would give me some type of tip off about a present for me. They didn’t. Dinner finished and I somehow managed to waddle out the double doors, stuffed fuller than the turkey on Thanksgiving. It’s weird that I use that metaphor (because it’s really odd) and because my family doesn’t stuff the turkey lol.

I go outside and everyone get’s in their cars and we all leave. I had to drive home, which meant that I had been on the road all day. I drove home in the rain, mostly in silence. Didn’t my birthday sound fun?!

Oh and I saw this bus in Seattle yesterday.

Notice anything special about it?