Seattle is one of the few places you can go to where you can be dressed in ugly plaid, have frizzy bed head, have on high-water jeans that show way too much ankle, and still look normal. My mom calls this house at 10:30 this morning (oh I stayed home for no reason today FYI) and that wakes me up because that blue phone is loud and right next to my head.

She had invited me out to lunch with her and my aunt yesterday, and was informing me that my cousin was also coming too. My cousin and I are very similar when it comes to getting out of the house so if one of us is going somewhere then the other usually has to too. She asked if I still wanted to go and that if I did I had to be ready in 10 minutes. I decided to go. My jeans were all in the wash though and the only pair of pants I had available were a pair of old jeans that are about an inch and a half too short. My jackets were also in the wash so I through on the plaid one I wore while cutting down the apple tree. I ran into the bathroom and wetted down my hair, in the hopes of getting it under control. I even had time to shave!

My mom arrived seconds after I had opened the blinds in my room and then we were off to Seattle for some authentic Italian sandwiches. They were very good; we ate at a little whole in the wall but I can’t remember the name of it. If it helps, there’s always a line of people out onto the street before noon.

We got home at 1:30 and I had told my dad I would be at his house by 2. He’s a little over 45 minutes away so I was running a little late. I through all of my stuff together and grabbed my coats and jeans (the coats were still wet even though it had all been through the dryer) and ran out the door. I drove for little under an hour and a half today and I have to say, I really hate driving. It’s just so tedious and it’s not fun at all. So I finally get down to my dads and my sister’s not even home yet. She couldn’t even be home to greet me; sounds just like my sister alright.

So my dad made me get into his pickup (which is A LOT bigger than a prius) and made me drive over to get her. But not before he called the DMV to make sure it was ok. I wasn’t sure that I could drive with her in the car so he wanted to make sure I could. Just another piece of evidence proving he got me a car, though I’m not completely sure.

I go and grab my sister and then run over to my grandparent’s house to say hello and then we go to the car wash. I made my dad drive up into it because I had a feeling I’d have trouble with it.

After that we came home and sat around all night. Pretty uneventful. It’s my last day at age fifteen, and it wasn’t all that exciting. One more minute to go before it’s the start of tomorrow… I suppose that doesn’t matter anyway though, I’m not 16 till sometime in the afternoon anyway. We’re going to a Mongolian Grill style restaurant (only a lot better) for dinner tomorrow. My whole family is going to be there so I’ll be writing about it for sure.

Ok I’m going to sleep now, I’m so tired I almost didn’t even write this thing.