I just had the creepiest thing happen to me. My mom had just left for a meeting at my school because she’s filling in for my aunt who has pneumonia, and not ten minutes after she’s out of sight, does a CREEPY man come up to my door. He rings the bell so I come down the stairs and open the door. This guy has red rims around his eyes, he’s really pale, it’s dark and rainy out making him look even creepier, and he’s been extra nice to me once I say hello. He’s also got on a dark raincoat, the kind that all of the serial killers wear in horror films. Can you say “stranger danger” please?

So I say hello and I’m trying to hold the dogs back while also preparing to have to let them mal him while I go grab a kitchen knife, when he asks me to let him into my neighbors house so he can see what he’s doing while he’s landscaping. It’s 7 o’clock at night and it’s dumping buckets and I’m supposed to believe that this guy is landscaping for my neighbor. My neighbor (who we’ll call J) has been doing some landscaping recently, and she’s had a friend over often, so I did believe a little of it. But there was still the small factor of: it’s dark and rainy out.

He was talking on the phone with J who informed him that I had a code to get into her house (which I do) so I had a feeling he was telling the truth. So I said “yea ok… uh… one sec…”  I’m not dressed to go out in the rain, I don’t have shoes on, my cell phone is still charging and my mom has no idea that I’m about to go and help this guy. Luckily for me I’m slick in a pinch. So I grab my phone, throw on my stuff and search for a few seconds for my pocket knife. I never use it but I usually know where it is, except tonight I couldn’t find it. Ok whatever, this guy’s story isn’t too heinous so I’ll just head over there and whatever happens happens.

I go back downstairs to the front door and right as I open it he’s still talking to J who tells him my name. That convinces me further so I head right out the front door walking just far enough behind this guy to make it look like I’m just walking slower than him (casually) but with enough distance that I could turn and run if need be. I did that subconsciously mind; I knew I was walking slower than him and knew I wasn’t going to walk any nearer but didn’t realize why until just now half an hour after the fact.

We get to the door and I remember that I need a key. I tell this to the guy (who’s still on the phone) and then tell him that I have one but I don’t have it with me. Please note: I haven’t planned any of this out; this is all thought up on the go. I didn’t know where my mom had put the key so I told him that, and that she probably knew where it was so I was going to call her. I called her right in front of him, and he walked away as I was talking, to continue working in the yard. I’m talking to my mom and trying to tell her the situation while also answering her questions basically right in front of this guy. She knows exactly where the key is of course and so I go over and tell the guy that I’m going to go back home and get it. He says thanks and I walk back to my house. As soon as I’m inside I tell her everything while she directs me to the key.

She isn’t happy about the situation of course and wants me to go get my other neighbors (F and S.) As soon as she said that I had a lie prepared so that I could make it look like I wasn’t going to go and get my neighbors for the obvious reason (more people so he can’t do anything bad). I grab the key and walk back over to the guy. “I can’t find the key but I think my neighbors have one so I’m going to go ask them.” It’s a shame my mom heard me say that because now she knows how I lie lol. I go to F and S’s house and they invite me in, making jokes about me bugging them so late. I tell them the situation and they call J immediately. I told S about how I had lied to the guy and she busted up laughing (I was pretty light hearted through the whole situation if I do say so myself) and of course called me a little liar. Then I asked her what kind of cookies she wanted (because we made them cookies when we first moved in) and she just replied that she liked everything.

F was done on the phone and had confirmed that the guy was who he said he was and that he was supposed to be over. Well S still wanted F to come with me so I wasn’t alone or freaked out or anything, because I had come over sounding a little panicked probably (even though I was smiling lol). So F puts on his coat and heads over with me. I unlock the door, disarm the alarm and have no issue with anything. F informs the guy that his car will be ticketed if he leaves it on the street and then begins walking home with me in tow.

I thanked him profusely, and apologized for taking him away from his quiet evening at home. J still hasn’t come over to thank me or anything, and she doesn’t have my phone number to call or anything so… yea.

Lol can you guess which neighbor I like better?