Lol the title of this thing is horrible, and I should change it, but I won’t 🙂

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Now, down to business. Kira’s tumor is still as long as my thumb but it’s only as thick and wide as the tip of my pointer finger. Very good news! So that’s the good ghost stuff, here’s the seriously freaky, bad ghost stuff.I was lying on my couch last night, and I had asked the good spirit that is helping with Kira’s tumor to come back last night so I could talk to him. Well I’m lying on my couch (Kira barfed on my sheets and it’s stained them so I’m not using them or my mattress) and I ask for the man to come so I can talk to him. Anytime I’ve asked for a spirit, I’ve gotten the person I wanted. But that wasn’t the case last night. I’m waiting and waiting for him and nothing’s happening. And then I have to sneeze. I never have to sneeze while I’m doing this sort of thing so I could tell something was a bit off. I figured I’d call it quits so I opened my eye’s because that usually pulls me right back into the regular world.

*pause* There was a dark figure standing over top of me with his hand reached out like he was about to plug my nose. He disappeared a second after I opened my eyes but he was still there because where his head had been I could see a shadowed face. He was a man with dark short hair, just above the earlobe, and a mustache/go-T/ facial hair. He looked like he was from the 60’s or 70’s and he clearly wasn’t a nice guy. I’m freaked out at this point because he wasn’t happy at all and he had just been trying to touch me in a not so nice way. So I try to get him to leave, telling him (in my head) that he isn’t welcome here and that he needs to go.

You wanna know the most creepy, threatening, unbelievable thing that’s ever happened to me? I felt his left hand on my throat. My neck was hot and I could feel where he was trying to squeeze with his middle finger and his thumb. My neck was tingling for five minutes. This whole time I haven’t moved a muscle, it’s all been interaction on a different level. I did everything I could to get him to let go (and really all I had to do was move) but he wouldn’t budge. Finally I put white hot spikes (mad of energy) out along my neck; that slackened his hold noticeably but I could still feel his grip. He let go after about thirty seconds of having the spikes up but I could still feel the tingle of his hand.

I was talking to my friends about all of this today and C remembered that when she came over (two weeks ago) Kira had the lump on her then. So that has been a work in progress. She also advised blessing the house, which we haven’t done yet. We were waiting until we had moved in (moved in meaning gotten everything settled) before we were going to do that. But now I’m considering hurrying that up. I still haven’t told any of this to my mom, because then I’d have to lead an energy group (because she would have about 20 people over here in a second) to get rid of this guy. I’m guessing he won’t be back but still.

Should I tell my mom about all of this? Because believe me lol, she will bring this guy back from the dead so she can kick his ass. “Don’t mess with the momma.”