The title should really read, Willow the ghost wisperer but willow the wisp sounds better. I know this is a double post but I’ve got something very important to say and it simply cannot be ignored. Plus I’ve got to make up for my lack of posting. Anyway.

You are all aware that my family and I have the ability to see energy and sprits and things of that nature right? Well everyone can but most people don’t use it and then stop seeing it all together. You can learn to see all that stuff again– that’s not the point of this post.

So for about the last two days I’ve been feeling a presence at my stairs. They usually walk up my stairs and stand at the end of my couch looking into my room. So this evening, while my mom and I are comfortable on the couch and the dogs are all fine, Kira slowly raises her head and looks at the doorway before my stairs. Kira is the only one of our dogs who is also sensitive. Yes, animals are sensitive to things too.

Oh so I forgot to mention, yesterday Kira started growling from my bed staring straight at where the guy will usually stand. Its weird but comforting at the same time, because I had felt him in the room with me, so having someone else say something about it was nice.

So back to tonight; Kira lifts her head and starts growling. She growls and growls and then her head starts moving like she’s watching someone walk through the room towards her.

Then she started growling more and stood up. She was on a box at the time so she moved over to the next one, still growling constantly. The person or spirit or whatever you want to call him (I’ll be referring to him as a person) stood in front of my great grandmothers rocking chair. Kira started barking. She’s not doing her usually yappy-dog bark though, she’s doing a slow, nervous bark. She was not happy that this guy was in our house. Well maybe not that but she was certainly spooked, and wouldn’t go within a foot and a half of the chair. So my mom went over and stood where the man had been. “It’s ok Kira, come here. I may be covered in goose bumps right now but it’s ok.” Just trying to calm her down because she wasn’t a happy dog.

My mom, who is much more experienced and a little bit harder to rattle than I am, comes and sits back down. “So should we talk to him?” “Oh god, right now? Are we really going to do this?” “Why not? What else are we going to do?” So we grounded ourselves (connected our energy to the energy of the earth) and then… well… I don’t really know how to explain it. You kind of just feel around the room with your mind. I find this really helpful when searching for things; it’s kind of like scrying I guess you could say. I honestly don’t know what it’s called.

My mom asked me what I saw. I hardly ever see a person’s face so it’s mostly clothes and hair color, and a vague impression of their age. It was a man, with sandy blonde hair, and black leather shoes. She agreed. She also saw him in white. She asked him (in her head) what he wanted, and she never told me his full response but I guess he’s going to come to her in a dream and also “we have a task.”

Don’t know what this all means but Kira was barking at this guy for 20 minutes so it wasn’t just some freak thing, it happened. My mom also asked him to help Kira (the tumor/growth thing she has) and right after she asked it, Kira skittered away from the chair as if something had reached out for her. My mom asked everything in her head mind so we were sitting there just watching/ listening to Kira.
As I’m writing this, I keep looking over my shoulder as if he’s in the room with me. I’m a little nervous to be honest with you, even though I don’t sense any hostility. I rubbed my grandmothers ring and as I did I thought “grandma will protect me.” I wasn’t even finished with the thought and suddenly my room smells like cigarettes. My grandmothers house always smelled of cigarette smoke. I only knew her for the first five years of my life so I remember very little about her, but that smell isn’t easily forgotten.

Ok, that’s it for my ghost story. Feel free to ask me about anything you want. Although, if you get seriously weirded out and call me a psycho freak I suppose I understand.