I’m soooo happy to be back. I may have gotten more done without a blog but I wasn’t very happy about it lol. Coming back to seven new comments was really nice. And somehow, despite 5 days without posts (I edited the dates of everything to match with when I wrote them) January is still the month with the highest number of views and the highest averages. Well I need 20 more views and it’ll be the highest number of views in a month. I’ve still got time though right?

I’ve put up some posts for the days that I was gone so if you want to read some junk (and have nothing better to do) you should take a look at them over the next few days. I won’t be offended if you don’t; this blog is for me, not for you.

Didn’t do anything today because it was raining. I played Sims for an hour and got a spiffy gargled root growing in my yard (which happens when you get extra magical.) After that my mom called quest and got our internet up. But my computer is the only one that is up and running and has a wireless card so she hogged it and did some banking stuff. With the internet box working my mom found our other phone so I get the old funky one with a dial. I’ll take a picture of it as soon as I get a new cell phone. Mine decided to stop working Thursday morning so I’ve been two days without a phone or internet. Don’t you feel sorry for me? Especially when there are kids in Haiti who don’t have a home or food or water and have half bled to death. My life is so hard.

I fed my Pitcher plant a grub a few days ago. It’s become bloated but I have no idea how long it’ll take to decompose. My amaryllis just completely finished blooming. I think it had a short bloom because (ever the botanist) I tried to pollinate the flowers in hopes of propagation.

My mom is going threw all of our baby clothes at the moment and she found a jewelry box with some of her moms old rings. Mostly curled up spoon handles but they’re stylish so I took one. It’s a simple thin piece of metal with black plastic on each end. Again I’ll take a picture once I get a new phone. 

She found one of my favorite Halloween costumes. I was Jack Frost one year for Halloween. My aunt made me a sparkly white costume complete with the shoes that curl up at the toe. My hat was big and had bells on it, and had a curly part that came out at the front with a snowflake dangling off. We painted my face white (with sparkles) and painted my nails white (with more sparkles) and I even got a sparkly white wand with a snowflake at the end. It’s no wonder I’m gay, look at how I was dressed lol.

Kira’s growth/tumor feels bigger today. It’s only been one night and already the thing is growing. I really would hate to have to put her down but so far she unaffected by the thing. We’ll see how it all goes.

Anyway, I’ll let you get on with things. I know that no one cares that I’m back so there’s another 577 words no one will read.